Brazilian striker Bondi dreams of playing in a team with Titov

Brazilian striker Bondi dreams of playing in a team with TitovIn the night from Wednesday to Thursday in the location of the Moscow "Spartak" came another Brazilian striker Renato Rafael Bondi. Up until recently, he was listed as the Italian "Salernitana" advocated by the Russian goalkeeper Ruslan Nigmatullin.? The invitation from "Spartacus" found out just a couple of days ago ? says Bondi. - Not even had time to discuss this topic with Ruslan Nigmatullin. I think it would me a lot to talk about "Spartacus", because he himself had played for this team. Alas! Sunday was game, and after I called the agent and was told that is interested in me "Spartak". After that, I appeared in "Salernitana".? To stay in Italy, therefore, is not wanted?? I do not have a relationship with the coach. So anyway I thought about leaving. Although I have a contract until 2004. It was nice that he called in "Spartak". This is a great team. In addition to her know about Lokomotiv, CSKA, "the Dynamo" "Saturn".? You are well informed.? I have friends living in Russia. It's the Brazilians, but not the players. I do know a lot about your country. Know that at one time was a single Union, but then it fell apart, you know about the cold war, very much like Moscow and St. Petersburg, which I saw on television. It's nice to know that I was going to play a great power. However, to be ahead is not desirable. First you have to sign a contract with Spartak.? What do you know about the new team?? She was several times champion of Russia. I heard about the captain - Titova. I've just arrived, and my compatriot moisГ©s Pinheiro had already told me about him many flattering words.? Family do you have?? I'm married. Darling's name is Suzanne. Now she's in Italy. But if you sign a contract, immediately move it to Moscow. I really hope that I will be able to gain a foothold in "Spartak".? Taking the opportunity, can not help but ask: how do you Nigmatullin?? This is a very good goalkeeper. At first he was not. But this is understandable: it difficult for any foreigner to get used to a new country. But I am sure that Ruslan will manifest itself in Italy. And at the highest level.Denis Integer.

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