Yury Sevidov. Gift for CSKA in women's day

Yury Sevidov. Gift for CSKA in women's dayLet my opinion go against the views of the majority, but I believe that the super bowl is a far-fetched action, taken from Europe and we don't absolutely need.If you start from the signs of the super bowl (the meeting of the national champion and Cup holder!), it seems this game should be one of the nails of the season. But, as often happens in the Russian context, all of the sudden turned upside down, and the idea depreciates. So, in my opinion, has happened and is scheduled for March 8 with a match "the locomotive" ? CSKA.First of all a very poorly selected dates. Clearly, the game was scheduled in order to review candidates for the national team of Russia. The benefit and in the composition of railwaymen, and in CSKA plenty of them. But no one foresaw that the "locomotive" will be released in the second round of the Champions League in February and will defend the honor of Russia against the best clubs in Europe. Well, and what is now the railroad can be thought about the super bowl tournament, absolutely not giving them anything, if the nose of a crucial game against Borussia Dortmund?! Wards Semin risk is unlikely to be. All the thoughts they have in Dortmund where they will not Gusev and Arshavin, and Rosicky and Koller.Obviously, on international women's day CSKA received a gift. CSKA will not have forgotten the "Golden match" (especially the result) and burning thirst for vengeance. As for the "Locomotive" all idealism fades into the background - the team other tasks. The railroad is not up to the slaughterhouse, they would be sparring to play, yeah like this where ponsibility can be a bit bigger. And that after the forward "Loko" for three consecutive games is not something that can't be different ? the goalkeeper on the pitch to drop-there's Another point in favor of red and blue: CSKA has an excellent opportunity to apologize to their fans for last year's Premiership, was given to the "Loco". What an army of fans in the stands will be significantly more than their opponents - an axiom..

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