Yury Sevidov. The unexpected victory

Yury Sevidov. The unexpected victoryFor anybody not a secret: in football learn to play all. Now to look down at the opponents of the national team of Albania, we just don't have the right. It is necessary to immediately set themselves on an equal struggle. On a tough win...to Beat someone, without putting in some effort, it is impossible. Mandatory victory has sunk into Oblivion. Predictable... And with the Faroe Islands and Andorra you need to do your best. So just glasses now no one will give. For me in this respect of the history of Cyprus. Playing away with the national team of this island state in a draw, we eventually got to the world Cup 98!Such errors in Albania Gazzayev's wards should not be allowed. Although pokharacity and to sweat. Albanians in Volgograd showed that they represent. Scored Ovchinnikov goal, had a number of chances - it is, however, admit that Saturday's match could for us to be formed easier than the October meeting. Albania holds first game in this qualifying campaign under the guidance of German coach Briges, playing at home, and definitely going forward. But to rely entirely on is not worth it.Now to predict the tactics on Saturday will take Gazzaev, it is meaningless. One thing is clear: prone to attacking football, the coach is unlikely to change myself this time. Although in Shkodra him, anyway, you will need to find a reasonable combination of attack and defense. Drawn swords - this slogan will not work here. But tightly closed behind too stupid. Need reasonable care. The Golden mean-If you disassemble the tactical nuances, I believe that our team should adopt the type of game it showed in the final of the "tournament of four" against Romania. Then for an hour (from the middle of the first half until the middle of the second) Russian national team was almost exemplary transition from defence to attack. Quick, competent - And this despite the fact that at that time the team played without Smertin, obviously well schooled in this kind of game in France. As for the other personalities, I personally expect bright game from Gusev - in recent matches for CSKA Roland looks very good. Needs to prove himself, Danny, Kerzhakov - All in attack we have the right people to score - selection of players in this line decent.It would seem that in defence we, too, everything is fine, but it is only superficial judgment. Too busy were you last week at the defenders "the Locomotive" (that the railway will form the basis of the defensive constructions of the Russian team, I have no doubt). Eventually some fatigue and tension resulted in the defeat from "Zenith". In error Nizhegorodov, and Ovchinnikov - I Want to believe that football players "Loko" all your problems will leave in the past. Even better, if you have already left.The Russian team holds its first official match in the season 2003 is also play a role. Premiere fights - they are doubly difficult. The more we have to play away from home: as shown by the unfinished match with Georgians, Russians are somewhat nervous in away games. And nerves, and how facile approach, with a quality game does not tally well..

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