Vasily Utkin. Sociedad has had it

Vasily Utkin. Sociedad has had itFirst thought coming to the most mundane weekend. The only delicious dish - the Seville Derby, real Betis against Sevilla in the capital temperamental Spanish South could serve is dessert: both teams for first place now are not fighting. And those who are in this struggle adept - real Madrid, Deportivo, Valencia" and the crowd pleaser, he's a troublemaker, he's the Russian team of our days "real Sociedad", - were to meet with a more or less colorless succession of the middle peasants. However, in this ordinariness leadership life lurked a serious catch: they all accidental coincidence played on the road.This circumstance turned out to be really important. Middle evil today, and any departure poses for leaders serious threat. Why? The answer is: the day before the match day at the Spanish table command, reaching seventh - atlГ©tico had 31 points and cling to the seventeenth line, "Valladolid" - 27. Meanwhile seventh position - the lower limit of the European zone, and under the seventeenth - only three were condemned to relegation teams. Turns out that a dozen teams - and in fact even more - today in Spain are fighting with each other, dreaming about how autumn will be in the UEFA Cup, but fearing that, if it went wrong, can Wake up in the second division. In the group that collected the teams are very different. The same "Barcelona", for example - it is one with huge potential, can hope to escape from this swamp in the near future. After all, in order to achieve this, you have to win consecutive or nearly consecutive matches, five or six. Less does not - any success here local, short rise followed by decline. So, rising even at four or five places and then losing just once, whooping back where you came from. Barcelona is an exception. However, she did not win, also playing away: let myself out, led 2:1, have missed the point in the end - and got strong-willed "Osasuna" no man's goal. "Osasuna", too in the neighborhood floundering, two weeks ago she house "real" nailed. By the way, real Madrid in this year's two defeats, and they dealt not neighbors in the fight for the championship. No, on a par with "Osasuna" in the mood tried "racing". They have no choice but to depend on their own field. That is why in the tour, when tight reaching leaders played away, you would expect the most energetic of shuffles at the top of the table. And most looked shaky position Sociedad. He went to visit, "Valladolid", which sank after a series of failures on the seventeenth line. And the team because of character, played well in the Cup is here and so it was that by half an hour of the game she led the San Sebastiana 3:0. Do not go into the nuances - when the leader hit a pace, this means primarily the courage. And, of course, Sociedad lost first place fell to second for the first time in many tours squandered the lead. That's not only more beautiful if looks another circumstance - "Valladolid", victorious, the trophy with three points and moved up from seventeenth to eleventh... place!A new leader by the time of the fall of the Sociedad have already declared themselves - the day before the "real" rival, "Alaves", literally rendered. And again to the fore emotional investment: real Madrid not to lose, because they failed the previous departure, what was remembered above; but "Alaves" entered into a black band. A week ago he got a 0:6 against Deportivo and, obviously, jerking in front of their own audience. In the end, three missed goals can be safely written on the account of goalkeeper Dutruel. This Frenchman nervous system antelope - when he waved his fist past the ball to the corner, the smell of defeat does not erode in the room where there was a TV. In the end, 5:1 - that's how Royal club guests to call. Two goals scored by Raul, and now he came in fourth place overall among the scorers in real Madrid's history. Behind there was a great Mexican Hugo Sanchez, and ahead - Puskas, Santillana and di Stefano. Journalists have estimated that for thirty years Raul must still be the first.The remaining three goals drove Ronaldo, three times anyway going one on one. For the lovers of statistics are encouraged to remember how long Toothy did that last time - two and a half years we have not seen this exactly. Valencia got the most serious rival, "Celta" - and according oughtto respectively, for the draw. And Deportivo scored again along with top scorer Roy Makaay is 2:1 victory over racing. Leaders lined up now strictly in the back of the head with an interval of one point... And now and then came the Derby sevillano. Clean case football passions: both teams - real Betis, Sevilla are not very good in scoring goals. Because for the entire first half was not held a single shot on target. Yes, but how looked this game! The brightest star split passions in two cities, Joaquin, three times nearly lost his leg. Denilson shot free throws. And decided all a mistake of the goalkeeper "Betis" Prats five minutes before the end. Another six said the judge... the Only thing you can tell him thanks, " extended pleasure. And almost a fight after the final whistle..

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