Spartacus creates a new team with championship ambitions

Spartacus creates a new team with championship ambitionsThe end of 2002 in the transfer market was marked by a significant intensification of the Moscow "Spartak". The loss of the championship title forced the red and white to go for a radical change in the composition. As a result, we can already say that next season the team will look very different. On the one hand "shaking" frame has never been considered a success. However, after a disastrous season to expect the leadership of "Spartacus" other solutions were, at least, naive. In addition, Muscovites and earlier often resorted to such methods, and until recently it did not interfere with the wards of Oleg Romantseva consistently to achieve results. Last season doesn't count. The loss of three major players (Dmitry Parfyonov, Egor Titov and Dmitry Sychev) wouldn't have lasted more than a strong team. First, about the losses. The most notorious of these is undoubtedly Sychev. Striker, having that level of talent, in Russia not long ago was born, and perhaps will not be long to be born. However, after all the scandalous events the probability that Joe will continue to play in "Spartacus", was extremely low. Moreover, departure Sychev in Marseille, strictly speaking, cannot be called a loss to the red-and-white. Quite the contrary. Earlier it was reported that after the expiration of the disqualification of the player, Muscovites will receive a symbolic amount. The reality was much more joyful for "national" team. In the words of the President "Spartaka" Andrey Chervichenko, contract satisfied all parties. With other players the leadership of "Spartacus" has decided to leave on their own initiative. With the goalkeeper Stanislav Cherchesov the contract, it was decided not to renew. It is worth to say about Eduard Him. He no longer appears on the field in red and white t-shirt, and with the new year, is likely to play for Metalurh Donetsk. Will never be a part of Muscovites and five black Legionnaires. Nigerians Essien Flo and Samuel Ogunsanya, the Cameroonian Zherri-Christian Techwise, the Brazilian Marcelo Silva and Robert Scarlett of Jamaica sent home. The five essential benefit "Spartak" has brought only Tchoice. However, he last season rarely appeared on the field. All the other clearly does not correspond to the level of the Premier League. In this regard, can not cause positive emotions, the fact that the list of acquisitions of Muscovites not an example of a richer and Switzerland. Why should only the transition of Kiev "Dynamo defender Vladislav Vashchuk. Eight-time champion and five times winner of the Cup of Ukraine has played for the blue and white almost 200 matches. In addition, 27-year-old 43 times wore a t-shirt Ukraine team and scored one goal. In the "Spartacus" Vashchuk can play on the position of the Igora Mitreski, that is, as the last defender. Seriously strengthened the middle line. Lett Andrew Rubin and 195-centimetre giant Dmitry Smirnov of FC torpedo-ZIL" are designed to return the midfield of the team to its former strength. The latter is also able to shut down a problematic position in the midfield. In addition, its growth will help the Spartacists to deal more effectively on the "second floor". Attracted the attention and the acquisition of three Belarusians BATE Borisov. The names of Dmitri Likhtarovich, Artem End and Paul Shigero yet well known to the Russian fans. While we can only say that the wing - forward, Likhtarovich - defensive midfielder, and Shigero - right midfielder. All of them last year became the Champions of Belarus, and Likhtarovich was named the best player of the championship. Don't forget about Roman Pavlyuchenko is a young promising striker from Volgograd "the Rotor". He joined Spartak immediately after the end of last season and has already become a part of the team. Not to mention the fact that in the interests of bronze prize-winners of the championship of Russia there are still a number of famous players, including the Czechs, Hubshman, Jarosik, Urbanek and Johann. Strengthened and also the coaching staff, which included Sergey Pavlov. In General we can say that "Spartak" already demonstrates the intention in order to regain the title. No wonder the team President Andrei Chervichenko said that in the 2003 season the red-white will try to win all the tournaments in which you participate. Photos, personal pages Vashchuk.

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