James Obiora: Pray to God that all the sores have healed

James Obiora: Pray to God that all the sores have healedWith the fact that in the first matches of the season weakest line of Champions of Russia was to attack, no one argues. One of the reasons is the lack of James Obiora, which is disabling another injury.- Very worried that can't be cured, says Nigerian. And pray to God that all the sores healed quickly, and I was restored to 100 percent. Until ready only 60 - 70. Today (the interview took place on Wednesday. - Approx. D. T.) tried to participate in practice, but ill leg, and the session had to be interrupted. Even thought about having to change the club because I this year the contract expires. In any case, this season we should hold perfectly, and then to reflect on options.- "Perfectly" means to retain the title?- Of course. Lokomotiv able to once again become champion. Main competitors will be CSKA and "Spartak". Even for the championship will fight the team of my friend Patrick Ovie - "Wings".- Assess the readiness of the team for the season.- Everything is in order. We want to win again. Sorry, for the preparation of impact early game with "Milan". The team had had to leave from vacation, and it's always hard. Still, the Team looked decent in the games with the Italians. It's a shame that the team was not able to take at least a point. We deserved it, playing as equals with the stars of such caliber as Rui Costa, who made a great impression on me. Now our chances of reaching the quarter-finals was strongly reduced. However, at the previous stage, the situation was the same. Can be obtained again? They have to beat real Madrid at home. That very nearly happened in Madrid when you have, in fact, stole a goal?- After the final whistle I ran up to the judge and said, "How is it, man?! The time is not over yet!" He explained to me that I'm wrong. Well, he knows better, and I was very upset because tie on "Santiago Bernabeu" and so a great result.- What are your targets in the coming season?- The main thing is to avoid injuries and help the team win another championship.- And play for the national team of Nigeria is not going?- I was invited to the match with Angola, but once injured, the calls stopped.- How was your vacation?- We had a tough season, so I decided to spend all the holidays with family in his hometown of Jos, Nigeria. Would like to see in Moscow, I visited mom, but too cold.Dmitry TROSHIN.

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