The match wisЕ‚a Lazio could take place in Moscow

The match wisЕ‚a Lazio could take place in MoscowThe venue of the second leg of the 1/8 finals of the UEFA Cup "Wisla" - "Lazio", which was moved from February 27 to March 5 due to hit Krakow snowfall, yet to be determined. The leadership of the Polish club yesterday appealed to UEFA to hold a meeting in Chorzow, but the Italian side this option does not suit. The Romans want to play in one of three Czech cities - Prague, Teplice, Liberec or where there are fields with artificial heating. Meanwhile yesterday it became known that the home stadium of Wisla in this match can become and the Moscow stadium "locomotive". However, the likelihood of such a development is sufficiently small, since March 8, they will fight for the super Cup of Russia "the locomotive" - CSKA. Given the poor quality of the Cherkizovsky lawn, leadership, Champions of Russia is unlikely to agree to "shelter" his "tridtsatitysjachnye" participants of the UEFA Cup..

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