The President of Deportivo confident of success

The President of Deportivo confident of successPresident of the Spanish "Deportivo" Augusto cГ©sar Lendoiro expressed the belief that the forces will not leave his team during that time period left before the end of the championship. Lendoiro stated that his team once again shows a very good football after some players recovered from injuries."The leadership of real Madrid was to be expected after such a stellar acquisitions and judging from that game, which he demonstrates. However, we are not going to retreat. Over the past three years we have managed once to become Champions and twice Vice-Champions".Lendoiro can not but rejoice the fact that the team has ceased to pursue a series of injuries."At the moment we are about to find his best form. Almost all of our players are in good form, so we can have many opportunities tactical plan". Lendoiro considers very important the fact that Deportivo still manages to participate in three tournaments - the Spanish League, the Champions League and king's Cup."We are proud to be participants in the three competitions. Of course, no Ronaldo, but we have three lovely forward - Makaay, Tristan and Luke. We have the best selection of players in Europe, and if we had to play earlier - when usually played with five strikers, we would be almost unbeatable, putting in attack Makaa, Pandiani, Tristan, Abreu and Luka" said Lendoiro..

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