Milan - Juventus: before the match

Milan - Juventus: before the matchApril 6, 1997. The San Siro Stadium. Italian Derby. Unethicalness defeat the Rossoneri before his audience... 1-6... the only goal of Milan on account of Marco Simone, who was no longer at the club... It was a third defeat of Milan from Juventus in Serie a in his field for 5 years... third defeat for Milan and then the last victory for the Bianconeri at the Scala of football to this day. It's been five seasons since then, as Juventus took away from Milan full 3 points, but he only once left after losing. Uncompromising and unyielding, fighting for every ball, a boiling passion on and off the field, and, despite this, the stunning beauty of goals (which is only last year's masterpiece Sheba!) - all this is the Italian Derby at the San Siro, which is four times over the past five years ended in a stalemate. But constant tension meetings and loud the names of opponents for a long time the Italian Derby in the second round of the Series And has attracted such interest: 10 years then Milan, Juventus are not included simultaneously in the number of real contenders for the Scudetto. Now, in case of victory red and black, the situation in the championship will be excited... after all, what is 5 points with 8 games to go in Italy?.. almost nothing. But it is necessary to win... Pregame layouts are simple and clear-Milan to continue the fight for the Scudetto win, to See even a defeat will not be critical. It's very simple: Milan need to win... to win against the team that in the last 11 League matches scored 31(!) point. It's very simple... when before the season guide of the Turin club's main aim for the season has put the victory in the Champions League, it seemed that Juve will not be much strain in Serie a, in Europe if things go not as planned. But as the time changed the accents! Impressive unbeaten run of 11 matches after an unexpected home defeat against Lazio literally threw Juve to the top of the standings. But in the Champions League... as the saying goes, a bird in the hand... especially two disappointing defeats against Manchester in the group stage put Juventus on the brink of a precipice, called " departure. But, showing character in the match against Deportivo, Juventus are in the 1/4 finals. And now this match will be very important to See the priority of events: which is preferable, the Champions League or Serie a? Victory over AC Milan will not leave other choice but to fight in the first place for the Scudetto, if it's so close... draw and a defeat - the question remains open, and then the bosses Juve will break down. However, in a similar situation and are Massimo Moratti with Hector Cooper... anyway, now the See on the road and play against a team notoriously difficult, and if it's still and See... Although... In great shape now, probably only a tireless Yes Nedved, Zambrotta, who finally got to midfield, though not on the flank. Of course, the epithet "great shape", applied only to the two players, can create the illusion of weakness Juventus. Actually it is not so! Habitually operate stably and reliably all line commands: in defence of automatism played Thuram, Montero and Ferrara; in midfield - a bunch of Davids - Tacchinardi looks more than convincing and provides excellent control of the ball; for quite some time returned to action David Trezeguet started to score with the intensity of last season, which brought him the title capocanniere. And, of course, could not be more helpful for Juventus, it is for the match with Milan fully recovered from injuries idol juventinus - Sandro Del Piero. However, there is some loss in the form of the injured Marco Di VAIO, who wasn't even on the roster. Also possibly worth noting is the fact that victory on the character and traditional for Juve goals in the last minutes very positive impact on team spirit, but also make adjustments to the physical readiness of players. Already in the match against Modena is clearly visible in each attack guests: forced to attack and score Juventus constantly missed acute attacks of Modena... But Even like this, maybe a little run down Juventus, looks impressive and solid and deservedly claims to take three points from Milan... for Milan and so is quite a hard task to win further complicated by the fact that in the match against Chievo out of the blue I received a very nasty injury left main Rossoneri defender Kakha Kaladze and will not play in the match. Slight damage in the game with Borussia Dortmund at Paolo Maldini: the captain asked me to replace him at half-time, but, nevertheless, with Juventus needs to play. Still traumatized by super-spare Milan's Serginho... does not recover from injury Massimo Ambrosini, though both in. In addition, there was a slight injury Andriy Shevchenko. However, as Paolo Maldini, this ailment should not prevent Ukrainian to play on Saturday. Amid all of these losses, the composition of Milan is easily predictable and will look something like this: Dida; Simic, Nesta, Costacurta, Maldini; Gattuso, Pirlo, Seedorf; Rui Costa, Rivaldo; Inzaghi (usual for an enchanting start to the season 4-3-2-1 scheme). The only change is only possible in the line of attack, where instead of Rivaldo Carlo Ancelotti can bet on traditional fart Shevchenko in the games against Juve. Unfortunately, luck is now not enough striker Milan... there are moments that have the beats, no goal... Quite an interesting situation: Milan to keep hopes for the Scudetto has to catch his game in the match with his main rival and championship leader. And, most notably, the last match against Borussia, despite the defeat, added some optimism to the fans red-black - enchanting the match gave Rui Costa; rino Gattuso to all its traditional advantages have added a nice kick (and even with his left foot!), the lack of which has long been glorious; of deep functional pit seems to be out another special on the See - Clarence Seedorf; simply obliged to nail Nedved for the failure of the first round match Andrea Pirlo; Paolo Maldini surprisingly easily returned to its previous position and perfectly replaces the left to protect injured Kaladze; Sandro Nesta, has just celebrated its 27th anniversary, has become a pillar of the defence of Milan and plays consistently and reliably...

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