Ukraine - Spain: match review

Ukraine - Spain: match reviewBrilliant goal by Alexander Gorshkov has allowed the Ukrainian team in the final seconds to avoid defeat in the match against group favourites Spain. Draw 2-2 realistically reflects the vicissitudes of the match. The team started briskly, after a few seconds after the whistle Ukrainians rushed to the attack, Shevchenko dangerous shot along the gate of the guests, but none of his comrades had no time to close the chamber. Immediately, the Spaniards created a dangerous moment, but selflessly played back.In the first minutes of the Spaniards seized the initiative and are very confident feel at the Olympic stadium. De Pedro, Raul, Baraja were distinguished by their activity and guests seemed firmly took control of the midfield. But then counterattack "yellow and blue" have their say. Shevchenko, received a pass, broke into the penalty area from the right flank and riding sent the ball parallel to the gate. None of the attackers of the ball in no time, but there has not dealt with the ball Salgado and Canizares, the ball bounced to Andriy Voronin and he wasted no time and sent it into the net.The entire first half, the Spaniards had the initiative, but in fact the game went to the penalty area Ukrainians. A couple of times reliably played Shovkovskiy, but neither one dangerous moment at gate of owners has been established.The second half began in the same vein. The Spaniards went ahead, Ukrainians attacked. Again active was securely covered with Raul, imaginatively acted Guti. At the beginning of the second half Guti struck the goalpost. Probably, the action of the match would have continued in the same vein, but on the left Diego Tristan, and intelligence in action features were added. It is with the direct participation attacker "Deportivo" and were scored both goals. On 83 minutes, Tristan decided long-range shot to test the vigilance of the goal. In the flight phase, the ball has touched someone from defenders of the national team of Ukraine and flew to Raul, who struggle with the defender managed to push the ball into the goal. Then, four minutes later Tristan Paz in the cut brought in a comfortable position Etxeberria, and blow Basque in the corner turned out to be accurate.If anyone believed that Ukrainians can save the match, they were themselves "yellow and blue". The assault at the last minute brought a stunning result. After another non-hazardous canopy, the ball flew in the direction of Alexander Gorshkov and the powerful volley from 25 meters hammer the ball into the bottom corner of Canizares..

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