Alexey Smertin: the Art of living does not interfere with football

Alexey Smertin: the Art of living does not interfere with footballAlexei Smertin, the hardest on today Russian football the currency quotes which year are coming up. Recent debutant Romaszewski team, when Gazzaev it looks already a pivotal player and plays with the captain's armband. Smertin is the most expensive Russian footballer: his January transfer to Newcastle for 6.5 million dollars did not take place only because the amount was considered insufficient to his current club Bordeaux.- Greatly distressed by the disorder of the contract with Newcastle?- There is a little bit. I thought that the English Premier League could become a new step in my career, and this season is the best time to do it. Negotiations between the clubs on my account lasted about two weeks, but the result did not bring.- Dugarri in "Birmingham" and Bonnissel in Rangers went from Bordeaux last January without delay... " In principle "Bordeaux" is not against the sale of players - the question conditions. In my case the club is not satisfied with the amount proposed Newcastle. As, incidentally, in the case of Pauleta, which at the same time courted by Manchester city.- You six months ago, hinted at the possibility of resigning from Bordeaux. He was referring to an option with Newcastle?- No, Newcastle had approached my agent recently. Then, I meant another suggestion, but let's hurry up with its disclosure will not - maybe this option will work yet.- A five-year contract with Bordeaux, the prisoner two and a half years ago, it already seems too long?- I wouldn't say that trying to get away from Bordeaux, where you feel very organic, I would say that he is not averse to take a new step in his career. I've always respected team in which to play, but was never afraid to try myself at a new level.- That is, retain their January itchy feet?- The suitcases are unpacked, my thoughts are in the present, not in the future. In once, there was a chance to win against Bordeaux medal in the championship of France, until Golden, and I fully concentrated on this task.- By the way, why then, in 2001, you chose Bordeaux? This club doesn't look the brightest in the list of possible buyers: Kiev "Dynamo", "Leeds", "Anderlecht", "Manchester United"...- "Bordeaux" has taken concrete and geography: France I always liked him the moment - rather in absentia. The team in matches against Spartak seemed to me very convincing. And about offers half of the teams on your list, honestly, I don't know.- Just know that Alex Ferguson in 2001 came to the match Israel - Russia on your soul.- Heard something about it. But the specific invitation of the "MU" I did not have.- The championship of France is considered to be a 4-5th in power in Europe after Spanish, English and Italian. In the case of?- All these conclusions are based on the European Cup, where they play the top clubs in each of the tournaments. And if you comparable the average French club with the average Italian and Spanish, we'll find them, I think, absolutely equal. The championship of France is characterized downright outstanding evenness of composition and density in the table, hardly any where else. That is why for the last five years, France has had five different Champions. Often the next year, after takeoff, the team again found themselves in the second ten.- In your first season of "Bordeaux" was the fourth in the second - sixth. Adequate the results of the club to the level of his ambitions?- Oh, no. This is one of the oldest and most ambitious clubs of France, who won their first championship before the war. Deliberately not using the word "powerhouse" because that's the feature of this championship, unlike others in Europe that the SuperClubs in my understanding of this word in France no. Two years ago, Bordeaux won the first round and some fatal way failed in the second. I have still before my eyes the match with the "Mets", which didn't need anything, lost 0:2, he then left us outside the top three and no Champions League. Last season the team was very average, Rollins was given with incredible labour. Now our attack Savio - Pauleta - darkevil-Eduardo - perhaps the strongest in France, and thoughts about the place beyond the first three are simply not allowed. Although, again, given the equality of the teams, anything is possible.- In the top five of the championship of France all in their places?- Actually "Bordeaux" would have to be higher. This is me without provocation and irony, although the "Marseille", which gained this season stability and strength, a very convincing. But in General, I "Auxerre" deeply sympathetic. A terrific team - a young, almost entirely educated school club, perfectly combines physical power with technique.- Amazing picture matches of the championship of France: the players and coaches easily give a TV interview broadcast a few minutes before the start of the match, even during the break-- it's a common thing Here. To the game are simple. Many people, especially players of African origin, 10 minutes before the match quietly listen to music, eat fruit or chocolate. Defeat is not the reason for the long depression: ten minutes it many have already forgotten, in the locker room jokes sound. Do not undertake to assess whether this is good or bad. But so it is.- You seem reluctant to speak about the coaches, my question is about comparing the "Bordeaux" with "Locomotive" wrapped in mid-sentence-- You're right, reluctantly. Any comparison involves the assessment, and who am I to give their verdict coaches, people who saw in football much more than I did? The Semina your style, Elie Baup in Bordeaux - it is in the teams red and Gazzaev I played, perhaps with a slightly different roles, but equal, trust, desire and diligence.- The role of a defensive midfielder is not the most catchy in football. The greatness of Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira self-explanatory, as something at first glance not obvious, goals they almost never score. Scrolling on television scoring attack, they almost never start with the selection stage and the first pass. Did it hurt?- No. He chose this role and I think its more suited to my qualities - still scoring instinct and a special the speed I have. Perhaps it is rough work, but I manage to enjoy it - in case of successful execution, of course. And coaches the importance of my role long appreciated, all Europe is now playing on two supporting.- Two of your first season in "Bordeaux" without goals, and this year you scored twice. Is this a change in your functions on the field?- The functions remain the same, just made me feel more confident and had a bit more luck.- In may you will be 28. "Still" or "already"?- Still, of course. In Russia would say "already", but here there are quite different ideas about age. 30th anniversary - the heyday of the player and not the pre-retirement period, the coaches here are very trusted veterans. On the other hand, older players in France are usually in better shape than in Russia, there are more than light loads. Nobody never gonna make to go on the field with an injury, even at first glance frivolous. The concept of "playing to lose" is practically non-existent - again, not sure this is good or bad: after all, sometimes the period of sick leave from the leading players of the team falls on the key matches.

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