Oliver Bierhoff believes that real your chance do not miss

Oliver Bierhoff believes that real your chance do not miss91 matches in Serie a And played in the "Milan" the former Germany striker Oliver Bierhoff, 36 times scored the Rossoneri. With many of the current players of the Milan club he's in 1999, the year he won the scudetto". In anticipation of the loss in Porto will help match between AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund European champion in 1996, said in an interview with e-edition "Sport1" that the club from the capital of Lombardy can compete for the gold medals of the national championship, but to make up for their being eight points adrift of Juventus, will not be easy. "For this reason I believe that Milan will concentrate on the Champions League," said Bierhoff, rated the chances of the team in today's match as a good. "Lack of motivation "Borussia" no, you can not say about the Milanese, already reserved the first place in group "C" and the upcoming superpotency with the leader of Serie a, says 35 - year-old striker Verona AC Chievo Verona, but the tragedy of the situation lies in the fact that the fate of the "Borussia" will be decided not only in Milan but also in Moscow. I don't think real Madrid will miss their chance. They are fully aware of the price of the Moscow meeting and will do the job".Former teammate Maldini and Shevchenko believes Milan are one of the main contenders for the title of the strongest club of Europe. "They have twenty-class players - performers," said Bierhoff, and each of them can decide the outcome of the meeting. But because the Midfielders of the team tend to be more offensively than defensively, to protect the "Milan" is vulnerable. Win Borussia Dortmund in the "San Siro" seems to me to be something more real than the defeat of real Madrid in Moscow. Although the surprises in football are"..

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