Team. Valery Gazzaev stayed true to himself

Team. Valery Gazzaev stayed true to himselfIn the qualifying match with Albania, as in previous battles, the lion's share of the national team will comprise players from the Russian Premier League.And exactly a week before starting trills in a tiny town Shkodra had the rare good fortune in two Premier League matches ("the locomotive" - "Zenith" and "the Rotor" - CSKA) to see 16 "collections" on most of them on Saturday and go is not an easy mission to winning back the barbed Albanians three critical points.Unlike overseas by our arms until just starting the run in the season. However, the players of "Locomotive" this is hardly - they already had eight formal meetings. And the first thing that catches the eye, is stronger than our champion in comparison with last year, alas, no more.Talk about the fact that the attack "Loko" in a bad way, become, in my opinion, bad form. However, crashing even gives beauty and pride Semin - reliable as a rock, defense, this season has never (!) not played at "zero". In addition, the February - March race for four hares (Champions League, Russian Cup, the super Cup and the championship) crippled Him physically. The anger from his own weakness and eventually turned into a Saturday stall in Cherkizovo. Jump Pimenova straight leg in Sirla, throwing Laskovy ball in Spivak and miraculously prevented a massacre Ovchinnikov after the final whistle of the first over the side referee, then forward over Hartigan finally, coach Borovichi...Ovchinnikov, it seems, now faces disqualification. But despite this and some of the blame in missed Zenit balls, Gazzaev, I believe, will hardly venture to trust in Albania last line to one of his doubles. Meanwhile, the] with Chizhov in the opening rounds looked brilliant. Especially army goalkeeper. Largely thanks to his incredible jumping-flying CSKA took the same victory with Volga's banks.- Yes, with Zenit Ovchinnikov was wrong. Yes, he had a nervous breakdown that explain huge nervous overload in the Champions League, from which he did not have time to recover both physically and psychologically. But who doesn't? - the famous defender of the national team of the USSR of the 80's Alexander Bubnov not inclined to dramatize the situation. - A week Ovchinnikov calm down. And anyway, I am sure. Experience is a great thing. Especially for a goalkeeper.Probably for the same reason, the head coach of Russian national team will give preference in the defense and other proven fighters - Nizhegorodov and Ignashevich and not young brothers Berezutsky. In the team a couple of defenders "Loko" did not fail, although the club have not recently looks impenetrable Bastion.Best player 2002 Loskov, unfortunately, too little resemblance to myself last year. And not accidentally released a hairpin in his address the former, noted in an interview that a player with such a title could be more active... invited to the national team of Lokomotiv players at their level, perhaps only a tireless bee Pimenov - with two balls, by the way, the best scorer of the team in season 2003.The same in the championship on the account and Kerzhakov. Curiously, upset he only goalkeepers team - first Chizhov, now Ovchinnikova. In the game with the "Locomotive" forward "Zenith" has made a strong impression. That only cost the episode when Kerzhakov so hid the ball housing that mighty Nizhegorodov bounced as much as two meters!Another St. Petersburg recruit Gazzaev - Konopleva and all can be called the opening rounds of the championship. And equipment, and become and tactical skills - all at it! By his potential he is quite capable to become the second Smartini, besides the physical data from Konopleva even better," does not hide his admiration for the drums.Other "collections" keep the brand Gusev, Semak, Aldonin, joined by newcomer Tochilin. Disappointing Popov. And given the fact that far, according to Tarhanova, from the optimal shape Karyaka, and Solomatin, and Yanovsky, were not the basis of CSKA, it is unclear who will play on the left flank.Questions, questions... there is no Doubt in Saturday's national team of Russia is waiting for the ordeal that she had already had in the qualifiers.Alexander CIRCLES.

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