Louis van Gaal: I will fight to the end.

Louis van Gaal: I will fight to the end.Dutch Barcelona coach Louis van Gaal, yesterday after training gave an interview in which he discussed what he had to live in the last days and the situation of his team. Van Gaal looked sure that will be able to withdraw the team from the crisis that it is facing in the League, he also insisted that his resignation would not be a suitable solution, has repeatedly announced his love for Barcelona and admitted that his current squad needs strengthening."I'm not stupid and I can't imagine what would have happened if we lost to Mallorca, " he replied to the first question of one of the Dutch journalists about to happen in case of defeat Barca on "Son Moix".The coach also added that "this is the life of a coach," recognizing that "it's a little disappointing". In any event, Louis van Gaal returned to his opinion that firing the coach is not a very smart decision. "I have always said that we should not kick the trainer" - noting that the coach can only kick with the goal "to remove the pressure from the players", although he doubted the success of this method.He also again repeated that "during all my conversations with Gaspar he always expressed to me his full support." About clean win over Mallorca last Saturday, the Dutch coach admitted that: "Taking into account the circumstances, the victory with a score of 0-4 was just a miracle," and clarified: "I'm 51 and I know what it's like to work under pressure, but most of my players are young, and they can greatly influence the current circumstances".Louis van Gaal publicly applauded the ease with which Thiago Motta played at Son Moix: "actually I admire Mottau, because at the age of 19 not so easy to play well when you catcall. He was very focused on the game and behaved like a true veteran. Despite the fact that the coach of Barca happy with the current squad and especially after all players have declared that he fully trust the coach, van Gaal admitted that he would not have prevented the strengthening of the team: "it was clear to me that my players support me. They stated this publicly, while during my first phase at barça they didn't. My players are very responsible and strong, although I have not enough." The Dutchman assured that he has not thrown in the towel, because he was confident that he still has many chances to do something important for the club this season, and that his ambition is not damaged: "I Have a lot of ambition. I want to finish the job I started here five years ago. I will fight to the end. I firmly believe that we have much chance of winning in the Champions League".When asked why he came back to Barca when he knew that the fans are clearly divided into those who want it and those who are not, he gave a simple answer: "I came here because I love Barcelona". He also explained why he asked the guide Barca to make a truce, to support and to show our confidence in the team."It is true that I have asked for support from the press and guide, because they are also to blame for the crisis Barca. It's survived Kruif with four League titles behind him, it survived Robson with three titles, this is what I experienced in my first year at barça with three titles and in the second year, too, with one League title. Here the team is always accompanied by great pressure and especially now, when the team does not show good results in the League."".

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