The pavement may continue his career in Russia

The pavement may continue his career in RussiaNegotiations Alexandra Bridge and "salty" about the contract extension is still not started. However, this situation the player was not scary. According to him, he is easy-going and ready to play anywhere. But while he is not negotiating with any teams other than "salty", informs "the Soviet sports". Rumors that the Pavement is going to Saudi Arabia, the player himself commented:"While I'm no negotiations with anyone not conducted. Heard, I have been linked to Saudi Arabia. Spanish journalists call On Arabia, I only Kanchelskis was talking ? he recently went there to play. Simple curiosity, innocence - and that".However, the Pavement does not exclude the possibility to continue his career somewhere outside of Western Europe, including in Russia,"no one knows where I will be next season. Even I myself. Pavement open to all offers. Including from Russia"..

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