Franco Sensi continues campaign against Galliani and Carraro

Franco Sensi continues campaign against Galliani and CarraroThe President of as Roma Franco Sensi has again made itself felt. It seemed that after his first two fiery speeches, the President of the club of Rome had to calm down, but no such luck. He again took up the old and began in a loud voice to accuse all and Sundry. Disappointed such a bad season his team, Sensi, however, did not fail to see in this intervention "otherworldly" forces in the face of Galliani, "Juventus" "Milan" and "men in black"."In the championship we just beat the so-called first person of Italian football - Galliani (Vice-President of "Milan" and the President of the Football League) and even Carraro (President of the Football Federation of Italy). But never mind, next season, "Roma" will show. This season we woke up late, did not understand clearly the goals and intentions of others. And then at the beginning of the championship team seven times unjustly condemned, and it was a deliberate harassment on the part of some persons," said Sensi.The President of as Roma also drew their attention to the troubles between the Football League Italy and the Italian Football Federation, noting that the Federal Council, which meets April 2, still nothing substantial will not solve, because, according to Sensi, nor Galliani, nor Carraro not know what they want actually. Not without a couple of snide statements to the personal address of Adriano Galliani."I intend to restore their rights in the world of football. The situation was even more complicated after the death of Gianni Agnelli: Juventus was quite different, and "Milan" takes too much upon himself. The Galliani wants to be both the League President and Vice-President of "Milan", but it can't last long. I will do my best to Galliani has left his post before 30 June, it is his moral duty to all," said Sensi.President of the "blood-yellow" commented on the race for the scudetto this season, and also said a few words about the President of inter Massimo Moratti: "Between me and Moratti has always been a mutual attraction. Moratti is my friend, we are two serious man. Inter - decent team, but as for his chances of "scudetto", it seems to me that it is the prerogative of "Juventus" and "Milan". The impression that "inter" bewitched, his last matches were not very impressive".And by the end, Sensi has touched appearances as Roma in the Champions League: "the Match against Ajax will decide our future. I hope that we will win. With us there is no Totti, but we believe that we will win and qualify for the quarter-finals of the Champions League and that is our sole purpose at the moment," concluded Sensi..

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