SE visiting Dmitry Sychev

SE visiting Dmitry SychevInterview with Dmitry Sychev I wanted to take in Moscow. Here he had to change trains on the way from Kiev to Omsk, where he was flying for a few days. But the meeting did not happen: the flight was late, and time for conversation. Then I took a plane ticket and flew at random in Omsk after him. However, previously called dad Sychev - Eugene. On Wednesday morning he met me at the airport - Sorry, not invited, " he said, realizing, apparently, that first time we talked with him at my house. - Came to visit his wife's relatives, so the apartment has nowhere to turn. But the hotel you are booked. Rest, and in the afternoon I'll come to you.After a few hours we met again.- Dimka now plays hockey, " explained Sychev senior. - Skates bought, hockey stick, Shin pads - all seriously. He is still leg hurts, which he injured during the summer. But doctors say that's okay, what you need to put weight on the ankle. Skates in this respect - good exercise. Promised to come back later. Although...He paused, as if to prepare me for bad news.- I don't know, will you talk. Son of the morning some Moscow newspaper read, where he once poured a bucket of dirt. A few days ago, reporters from Moscow directly drove up to the house. Dimka with Andrew, the younger brother, left from the porch and suddenly flashes from all sides. Younger naturally got scared, began to cry - he was just four years old... Dimka has categorically refused to meet journalists.But it needs to drive anyway, " he tried to reassure me Sychev senior. - At least 15 minutes. He understands that it was improper not to shake hands with someone, the time from Moscow for him on the day they arrived.- He pulls up to the club?- No. There are good sports cafe. Mike Demkina hanging on the wall in which it is in "Spartak" played, photos. The situation is calm - no one will disturb the conversation.At the appointed time we were sat at a table in a cafe called "XXI century" right under the small football exhibition. Suddenly the phone rang. Sychev-the senior picked up the phone and backfired in his face: "What do you mean no time?! I have you on the defensive?"At the same moment the door opened and into the hall, beaming from the success of the raffle, entered Dmitry. He waited until father move away from the table so as not to interfere with the conversation, he settled down across from me, looked doubtfully at the recorder.- I can assume that journalists now you feel much worse than before and after the world Cup, " I smiled.- A little, " smiled Dmitry.- However, a few days ago I discovered on the Internet an entire press conference with answers, signed by your name.- I have three months, it does not look in the Internet. For this reason, and to write anything couldn.- Not going to ask you the questions before the expiration of the period of Ineligibility may be regarded as incorrect. But I would like to hear how you have lived these three months after the verdict of the FTC.- In short - the first was in Moscow, trained in Podolsk, Vityaz club, then went home to Omsk, then in Kiev.- What was it like to force myself to train, not being able to play?- I would not say that it was very hard.- So, the entire history of the ban you are perceived indifference?- No, of course. Just when it all happened, I realized that it's kind of a given. And what is most correct is to change your attitude. Be considered a disqualified long-term vacation.- And as the rest?- Yeah not good... Tried not to read Newspapers, to watch TV, to surf the Internet. Went in the morning into the forest and rode the bike until late in the evening.- Train solo was it difficult?- Unusual. The team lacked.- I mean, communication? Or collective training process?- All together. To train in a group much easier. Alone there is no passion, you have to force yourself to do something. Football's not an individual sport. One probably well in Boxing - Boxing bash.- Turns out, all the time he spent in Podolsk, in the woods and rode?- Played a little bit. In the club "Vityaz".- In hockey?" No, football. In hockey I play in Omsk.- After experiencing in Moscow - mean negative information in the press - was not afraid that something similar is waiting for you at home?- For some reason I was sure that in Omsk this can not be in principle. It is not Moscow.- What do you mean?- In Omsk I your. Here was born, grew up, began to play. And in Moscow - the stranger. Yes and provincial.- You have now the eyes of a man who really wants someone to prove something.- It is. I really want to prove that I am not a player one-day, who shined at the world Cup and it was gone. But not anyone but himself. To prove that I'm not cracking up, that no such heights that it would be impossible to take.- And therefore went to Kiev?- I wanted to practice at a higher level. So there is the feeling that started so well the season is completely lost.- And what was your first impression?- Loved it.

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