Barcelona - inter Milan: match report

Barcelona - inter Milan: match reportIn the Catalan capital hosted one of the Central matches of the second group stage of the Champions League, which met local "Barcelona" and the Italian "inter". Meet the teams started very quickly, from the first minutes making it clear that they will not concede an inch of the field."Barcelona, apparently, longing for victory in the domestic League, a large force went ahead in the 7th minute after profitable a pass from Xavi Argentinian Javier Saviola, freed from the tutelage of the defender, from fifteen feet drove the ball into the goal, protect the Toldo. Thus, the "Leopard" took.This course of events did not suit Nerazzurri Milan and already the team rushed forward, creating within three minutes two real chances to score, where the main character was, of course, forward Christian Vieri. But both times, the way the ball was up, "the Keeper" of the Catalans Banana. Further, it seemed that the passion subsided a bit, but there it was. "Barcelona" was right on the corner after the draw which to fight on the second floor of the winner was Frank De Boer, throwing the ball on the foot Kluivert, who broke with the fly, but were at the height of the Toldo. The goalkeeper parried the ball away for a Coke, from the foot of which the ball rolled into the goal. On 29-th minute the score was 2-0."Inter, like after the first goal, by all means rushed forward, the benefit of the opponent is allowed quietly to combine. Especially prominent was the midfielder stéphane Dalmas. The dangerous moments began to arise one after the other, but in the decisive phase "interistami" lacked precision. Memorable long-range strike from Javier Zanetti, who fingertips of Banana converted to corner.The teams went into the break but in the second half Barça came out with even greater enthusiasm. In the beginning moments of the match was not slow itself to wait. First of Overmars, receiving a pass from the midfield, broke into the penalty area and shot, but the Toldo nice jump in to clear the danger. Then fortune smiled again "Nerazzurri": after taken corner and hitting his head all the same Coca the ball hit the post. At this time, inter tried unsuccessfully to counterattack, and Barca to stop was not an easy task. Javier Saviola simply tore the entire defense of the Milanese. In one of these episodes, on the 67th minute, leaving a fool of Carlos Gamarra, the Rabbit gave a diagonal pass to Patrick Kluivert, who played ahead, sent a spotty shot between the legs of goalkeeper guests, thus, making the score 3-0.This "Barcelona" has not stopped, and then increasing the tempo of the game. Again the shock position out Saviola, but his bounce again took over the goalkeeper inter. Blue garnet on all counts outplayed their opponents, causing the latter started to be rude. In particular, Alvaro Recoba prematurely left the field after receiving a red card as the boot came in the face of Carles Puyol.Calmly controlling the match, the Catalans began to make substitutions, one of which was accompanied with a standing ovation: after a long absence before the public camp Nou brought their favorite Luis Enrique. The match ended with a convincing and beautiful victory, "Barcelona", which after that almost solved the problem out in the quarter-finals.Radomir antic: "This was a great game in all respects. The team played great, and it only remains for me to thank and praise her for it. I am honored to be the coach of "Barcelona" at this moment, because for a long time, "Barcelona" has not been able to do what she did in the match with the Italians. This victory deserves more than earned us three points," said the Serbian coach of "Barcelona".Hector Cooper:"Saviola and Kluivert managed the game, and we are unable to take the initiative in their hands. When the score was 2-0 in favor of the Catalans, the situation became even more difficult for us, in addition, Barça began to play better and continued to attack. The result has not kept itself waiting. However, this defeat is not the end of the world. We won two matches and lost one, and it does not mean that we are in a difficult position. We still have three games, and we have everything to reach the quarterfinals," he concluded Купер

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