Valencia lost keels

Valencia lost keelsToday Kili Gonzalez will undergo the medical examination, the results of which will become clear how serious a Tr received by him in yesterday's match against athletic Bilbao. However, it is already clear that this Wednesday Gonzalez will not play in resouse game of UEFA Champions League against Arsenal.His Valencia on Sunday with a minimum score lost "Athletics", and the 28-year-old Argentinian came on as a substitute, but minutes later was forced to leave the field on a stretcher after roughly played Aitor Karanko. "It seems that Keeley stretched inner ligament of the left knee. Need to check, not torn whether they are, ' said the doctor, "Valencia" Jordi Candela. - Can't say how long it will take to recover. Now sore knee makes itself felt".This season for the midfielder was unusually bad his injuries. First, Gonzalez was injured the heel, underwent surgery and was replaced in the first team Vicente. Now the Argentinian again get in shape, but a new injury threatens another player downtime..

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