Dortmund - The Locomotive. Before the match

Dortmund - The Locomotive. Before the matchDortmund. 22.45 Referee: Frank DE BLEECKERE (Belgium).Yellow cards: Warns (2), grandfather (2), Reuter (2), Evanilson (2), Demel, Kel, Koller, Leandro, Lehmann, Madani, Frings, Heinrich - Lekhetho (5)*, Evseev (4), Loskov (3), Nizhegorodov (3), Sennikov (3)*, Obiora (2), Pashinin (2), Ignashevich, Obradovic, Ovchinnikov, Pimenov.Disqualified: no - Loskov, Nizhegorodov.* - disqualification has been served.Estimated destabilise D: Lehmann, Reuter, Madani, Ferns, Kehl, Metzelder, Dede, Ricky, Frings, Koller, Evertonians will resort to the traditional 3-5-2 lineup. Compared to the last match of the championship Germany mönchengladbach teammates, most likely, there will be one change to the composition: is unconvincing played Evanilson at right appears inside Ricky. The entire right edge close to the nominal defender Metzelder. Three weeks ago Matthias Sammer tried this place the player against Germany at the world championship acted as a left defender, and he did not disappoint. Raids Metzelder on the flank often attach importance to the attacks of the "Borussia". The main problem of the German club - Rosicky injury. Czech Manager, using which usually to build the game, the team will not recover from a thigh injury. However, it is possible that Rosicky will still be in the squad. The best goalscorer of the previous championship of the Bundesliga Amoroso should be on the bench.Locomotive: Ovchinnikov, Ignashevich, Pashinin, Sennikov, thrushes, Maminov, Evseev, Lekhetho, Izmailov, Pimenov, Julio Startered match in Dortmund Champions of Russia have serious problems - in addition to the injured Obiora and Buznikin against Borussia will not be able to play due to suspension Loskov and Nizhegorodov. Because of the disqualification last Ignashevich have to take the place of conventional Libero is already usual position in the midfield, and Asinine - right Central defender. As for the middle line, the chances Drozdova to get in the game look better than Mnguni - South African, recently recovered from the flu, after the first disease training was conducted only two days before the match. However, one should not exclude that the Legionnaire is still out on the field - on condition that they will have time to get in shape. In the attack a couple of Yury Pimenov will be, apparently, Julio Cesar. Yuri Semin and no other option, except for options with one striker and two insiders - Izmailov and Sirevil.The match is judged by the referee in the third Pokoleniye Frank de Bleeckere appointed by the chief referee of the match "Borussia" - "locomotive", the second time in his career to judge the match of the German and Russian teams. A year and a half ago, in October 2001, he was served with the Champions League game Bayern - Spartak culminated in the defeat of Muscovites - 5:1.In total 36-year-old Belgian 31 sends the team on the field in the international games, including 6 in the Champions League. Hereditary football referee started my judging career 18 years ago in 1995 he made his debut in the first Belgian Pro League, where it played more than 100 games, and three years later became a FIFA referee.The second choice of profession (in ordinary life de Bleeckere works as a sales Manager) was simple. His grandfather was refereed football matches in the 50-ies and 60-ies of the last century, in the leading arbitrators Belgium in the 80-ies was part of his father rené.- We almost every day I talked to my dad about the officiating. The first 3-4 years he comes to all my games. A good school: the father is always tough, but it's fair to judge my work. And now I continue at any moment can turn to him for advice, " says de Bleeckere Jr. Another Belgian teacher believes Pierluigi Pairetto, thanks to which in 2001 received the opportunity to prepare for the season with the Italian referees including one of Europe's leading referee is Pierluigi Collina.- My first game at the international level was the meeting of the Junior championship of Europe between Ukrainians and Croats. And in the second minute for the game at hand I had to show the red card. This was a debut! - says the judge.In the Belgian championship de Bleeckere also does not skimp on penalties, had the highest number of removals. Despite this, within two years, local players chose him as the best referee of the season..

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