Matthias Sammer accuses his critics in the nerve

Matthias Sammer accuses his critics in the nerveCriticism of Borussia Dortmund out of the Champions League and lost all chances to retain the title of champion of Germany, provoked a sharp rebuke from head coach Matthias Sammer."I'm startled by the tone of public criticism, " said the European champion 1996, in an interview with sports newspaper "Kicker" - after we dropped out of the Champions League we were thrown into one pile against Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern. It is a great arrogance. Dortmund are a very well-played their European campaign".Sammer also does not consider that his players failed and the Bundesliga. "This year, we sometimes play better than last year, championship season for us," admits the former defender of the German national team, Bayern mГјnchen is playing brilliantly in the championship, and the more worthy of condemnation that they showed this year in the Champions League"..

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