Falcon completed the victory collection

Falcon completed the victory collectionBefore leaving Turkey players "the Falcon" played two friendly matches, one of which won first at the third gathering of the victory. First losing the capital "a torpedo-the Metallurgist" 0:1, then they overcame Nizhnekamsk "Neftekhimik" with the score 2:0.Muscovites went into the game knowing a crushing defeat (0:3) in the match, held on the second collection, which also took place in Turkey. Both teams played hard, that even led to the destruction of - left field the author of the only goal of the Cossacks. In the second half without him, the torpedo lost the initiative. But Sokol chance is not used - could score Borzenkov (rod), fedikow, Katsuro (both hit the target) is Just in a meeting with a mid-table first division of the Saratov broke losing streak that given the defeat of the "Terek" in a second collection amounted to six matches. The first goal of the Saratov scored after three Zhidkov - Tarasov - Kakuro, the second with the filing fedikow held adiev. These advances were a natural reflection of the gaming advantage "Falcon" which failed to impress even with a save penalty - Rukavishnikov reflected the impact of Gordun. Today the Saratov return home, and in three days will fly in Kislovodsk. There will be the final phase of preparation for the Cup match with the Moscow "Spartak" (19 March in Saratov) and the start of the championship in the first division (March 29)."Falcon" (Saratov) - "a torpedo-the Metallurgist" (Moscow) - 0:1 (0:1)Goal: the Cossacks, 24, penalty Sokol: carpenters, Borzenkov, Khrapkovsky, chelyadinskii, Lyapkin, Duyun (Bugakov, 46), Bavykin (Markevich, 46), Samoylov (Zhidkov, 62), Prudius, adiev (Kakuro, 46), fedikow (Tarasov, 46) torpedo-the Metallurgist": Lavrenov, shoustikov, Beletsky, Komadina, Monari, Cossacks (Eagles, 54), Kovalev, Washington, Leonov, Khlestov, Wallerstedt"Falcon" - "The Petrochemist" (Nizhnekamsk) - 2:0 (1:0)Goals: Kakuro, 41. Adiev, 62"Falcon": Rukavishnikov, Garin, Bugakov, Lyapkin (Borzenkov, 46), Korchagin, Zhidkov (Adiev, 46), Markiewicz (Duyun, 46), Goats (Bavykin, 46), Mornin (Samoilov, 46), Katsuro (Fedikow, 46), Tarasov (Nikitin, 46).

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