Ivan recognized as the best coach of Ukraine

Ivan recognized as the best coach of UkraineUkrainian football" decided to take on the annual responsibility for determining the best coach of Ukraine, established a prize named after Valeriy lobanovskyi. As with the selection of the best football player, in the survey involved 600 people, 200 football experts, journalists and fans. The top three Ukrainian trainers depending on how places are awarded 3 points for first place, 2 for second and 1 for third. The choice of experts, journalists and supporters of Ukraine formed the basis of a choice of Newspapers. In the fierce competition recognized as the best coach Vyacheslav Grozny - 615 points (131-92-38). Coach of Kiev "Arsenal" due to the greater number of first places was able to beat 90 points coach "Dnepr" Eugene Kucherevskayait - 526. In third place is the youngest League head coach of Ukraine Oleksiy Mykhailychenko (243), this year replaced its head coach of Kiev "Dynamo" the Lobanovsky. It is reported Slagheap. We will add that terrible summer only left Spartak Moscow, where he was a long time assistant of Oleg Romantseva..

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