Wenger has taken under the protection of Martin Kiona

Wenger has taken under the protection of Martin KionaCoach English "Arsenal" Arsene Wenger has refuted suggestions that alleged by the defender of his team, Martin Kiona were simulated during the recent loss in Porto will help meetings against Roma". Recall that when the field was removed, the captain of the Roman Francesco Totti for hitting Kiona in the face. Despite the fact that the head coach of as Roma after the game called Kiona "an artist", Wenger came to the defense of his players."I again reviewed the tape of this episode and I can say that Martin didn't even try to feign. If you look closely at Totti in that moment, when the ball was in the air, you will notice how he first looks at where Kyon. After all, it's an ulterior motive - he wanted to hit him. He hit Martin in the eye and was sent off. I think Totti deserved it," said the French coach.As you know, the situation in group b where they played Arsenal, should be resolved in the final round, where Arsenal will meet with Valencia."I'd like to see my team advance secured a place in the one fourth finals? In truth, Yes. However, the same can be said of "Roma" and "Valencia", and "Ajax". Our group is very difficult. However, despite this, so far no team has yet been able to beat us. With our game, which we showed in matches against Valencia, Ajax and Roma, I think we deserved to play in the quarterfinals," said Wenger..

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