Steve Bruce wants to keep dugarri in Birmingham at any price

Steve Bruce wants to keep dugarri in Birmingham at any priceThe head coach "Birmingham" Steve Bruce has said that he would do everything to keep striker Christophe dugarri in the team, but it will happen if the club remain in the Premier League. Dugarri was loaned to the British French Bordeaux until the end of this season. Bruce responds enthusiastically about the game the Frenchman and his intentions reinforces the desire dugarri to remain at the club on a permanent basis."All ready for negotiations that can go in the summer. If we stay in the Premier League, I'll do anything to keep it from us. I think Christophe this situation like. He likes to play in England. Our only problem is to stay in the Premier League. It would be ridiculous to expect the consent dugarri in the case of relegation to the first division".Mentor birminghamal not see anything wrong in the fact that the Frenchman has not scored a single goal in the club. "I knew that Christophe has no outstanding goalscoring qualities," says Bruce, " but he is useful. In training dugarri does things that other players are given with great difficulty. If we find ourselves behind the Premier League, we have to make sacrifices. We seek to leave the team's strongest players, but you need to stay in the top division," said the coach, "Birmingham".Steve Bruce last summer, intends to participate in the Asian tournament involving Chelsea, Newcastle United FC and the national team of Malaysia, marking the beginning of television broadcasts of the games of the English Premier League in this Asian country..

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