Kebe again in Spartacus, and the Romanians of Dance gets used to the push-UPS

Kebe again in Spartacus, and the Romanians of Dance gets used to the push-UPSYesterday morning to FC Spartak Moskva, conducting pre-season training camp in Belek, Turkey, has joined the Senegalese midfielder Ibra KГ©bГ©, who was at home.Kebe took part in the morning training session of the red-whites - by the way, this time he did it without the usual bandanas on the head. Rookie "Spartak" Dmitry Smirnov, by the way, at first did not understand that in "Spartacus" came Kebe. "I thought it was another newcomer"? admitted ex-zilovskoye midfielder.A large part of yesterday's morning session was devoted to the game in the square and practicing shots on goal. Was not engaged in the General group of five people - defenders Pinheiro and Demenko, Midfielders Smirnov and Kalinichenko and striker Pavlyuchenko. It's those players who the night before played the whole match against Latvia, "metallurg" from Liepaja. Recall that it ended with a confident victory red-white 2:0. Head coach of Muscovites Oleg Romantseva overall satisfied with the quality of the games he coached.At the end of training to shots connected recovering from injuries Titov and Vashchuk. The first was distinguished by his accuracy - apparently, I missed the ball. Here is another injured player ? Parfenov, in which the nature of the damage much more serious, continuing private lessons. He runs around the field and makes a different kind of warm-up exercises.Saturday's red-white will vary dislocation will move to their favorite hotel topkapД±, where they lived during the camp last year and this ? at the first stage of preparation for the season. Why the team is not settled there from the beginning? First of all, to enhance the experience of players. Still a month and a half on one and the same place can have depressing effect on athletes, and the coaching staff to allow very, very desirable.No wonder Romantsev tries to make almost every exercise that is performed by his players in training, competitive time - to the players to be more interesting and more fun to work with. Losers usually do pushups or jumping. Interestingly, the Romanian rookie Dana, who once also was the losing side, did not at first understand what he needs to do. And only then, as partners in his group began to diligently push-UPS, immediately followed their example. By the way, the Romanian defender, as shown by yesterday's workout, very good placed kick with his left foot - not once or twice after his well-aimed shots the ball flew into the net.Sunday - on a new place ? Spartak plan to conduct two test matches, in which employs the maximum number of players. According to the team Manager Alexander Hadji, morning Spartak scheduled meeting with Moldovan "Zimbru" and in the evening with Ukrainian Tavriya Simferopol. With the Russian Premier League teams in pre-season training red-and-white long-standing tradition of not playing.Denis Integer.

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