A meeting of the Board of PFL of Ukraine

A meeting of the Board of PFL of UkraineWithin two and a half hours took several important decisions, some of which are new for Ukrainian football.So, a lot of excitement generated first Vice-President of the football Federation of Sergey Storozhenko regarding the future licensing of football clubs. It was decided that the club will prepare certification documents and will send representatives -- responsible for completing the appraisal, lawyer and head of the Finance Department -- in Kiev for a seminar on the issues of licensing, which will take place 11--12 March.The members of the Council unanimously decided to set a limit on the number of foreign players in the first League, beginning next season. Now the field in the same team at the same time can not be more than five foreigners. Taken supplements to the Regulations and in the articles concerning foreign players in the teams of the second division. If before the teams of the second League had no right to stand in the game of foreign players, starting with the 2003/2004 season, farm clubs teams and first leagues will be able to declare a game of two such players.The hottest debate was on the question of the status of players over 23 years old who had completed a contract with the club. According to regular FIFA rules, implemented on 1 September 2001, the player in this case goes into any club without compensation. However, it appeared that this requirement is not mandatory for national federations. It was therefore decided to make this amendment to the Regulations next season. But these decisions must support the Executive Committee of the football Federation, the meeting will be held on Saturday..

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