Rexach is leaving Barcelona after 44 years

Rexach is leaving Barcelona after 44 yearsLooks like the era of the stay in "Barcelona" Carles Rexach. After 44 years, the first time he walked in the door of the Catalan club initially as a player and not mediocre), it seems, over Rexach hovering black clouds. Currently he holds the position of technical Secretary at hometown club. Bad news told Rexach General Director of "Barcelona" Javier Perez. Now Rexach remains to work at the club until the first of July. As can be seen, the resignation of Joan Gaspar as President of the "blue garnet", and his team was deprived of Rexach any support and now he has no one to trust.Now we will briefly tell the reader biography Rexach. After a season of successful performances for "Barcelona", at the end of his football career in the 1980-81 season, Rexach became a seeker of young talent for his club or, in other words, by the breeder. Then, in the 1987-88 season, he became an assistant coach Luis aragonГ©s. Together with the rest of the Catalans, he experienced the joy of victory "dream team" under the leadership of Johan Cruyff. After the departure of the flying Dutchman it for a short time took up the position of head coach, but had to leave her with the arrival of the Englishman Bobby Robson. He then worked a little bit in Japan.With the arrival of Gaspar for the position of club President in 2000, he took up a position as a sports consultant. Failure Lorenzo Serra Ferrer as coach of "Barcelona" has forced the club management to re-appoint to this position Rexach in April 2001. With the arrival of the Dutch expert Louis van Gaal, Rexach was transferred back to technical work at the club. Now it seems that his long career at Barcelona is coming to an end. Forever?.

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