Torpedo-Metallurg. Raised chicken and new barn

Torpedo-Metallurg. Raised chicken and new barnMany fans ? those who are not passionate and excitable ? tend even before the start of the season to allocate the final place. "Torpedo-the Metallurgist" is not always rewarded with a favorable prognosis: while from year to year a harrowing struggle for survival, a team from the Eastern streets associated in the minds of most football fans with inveterate outsider.Meanwhile at the club in recent months has changed very much ? beginning with the title, which was the result of a legal reorganization, and ending with the notorious budget. This year on the content of "torpedo-the Metallurgist" is selected, according to various estimates, about $ 8 million. By modern football standards in Russia means not so hot, but this figure significantly exceeds the planned volume of financing of at least 5?6 provincial clubs that we used to see at the bottom of the standings.Of course, not everything is determined by the size of the club Treasury, but because of financial problems did not allow black-white - green to be last year at their place. Months-long delays in salary payment to the coaches, players, staff ? didn't add points in the Treasury. Separate the games out just a failure, and even the leaders of the team happened inexplicable breakdowns. The then coach of plant employees Vadim Nikonov remarked on this occasion: "we ? as in a bad economy: the chicken is dead, then the barn burned down".And that outcome. The club comes new leadership ? the mighty minions of "Norilsk Nickel" ? to recover the "bad economy". Anti-crisis measures at first glance wonderful and strange: on the post of chief coach invited Sergey Aleynikov, who has virtually no idea about Russian football, and the view - Paul Gascoigne ? a brawler and a bully, for whom football has long moved into the category of income-generating activities. But that is behind this approach. Aleynikov ? current specials vocationally baptism in Europe. And because it imposes on the wards the relevant requirements. But the story of the Gascoyne, and not reacted to the invitation from Russia, nothing more than a PR campaign aimed at attracting public interest.At the start of the season, the team comes fully equipped. At the disposal of the coaches almost two equal-ended, where there is a place for both veterans and young players. Scheme "3-5-2" with two holding Midfielders, which Aleynikov tried during the offseason, most likely, will not undergo any changes ? except that in the set of performers. In post number one equally claim Novosadov and Lavrenov, in the defensive line competition is also expected quite sharp: Shustikov, Khlestov, rizvic, Komadina, Smirnov, eagles - Perhaps the most vulnerable spot ? playmaking. Left the team D. A. Smirnov (forever?) to find a worthy replacement is not so simple. Players Central axis Rekhviashvili (suddenly escaped to the location of "Spartak-Alania"), Cossacks and Katic, according to coaches, have so far failed to achieve the necessary understanding. "They still work and work ? said Aleynikov. ? The same goes for hitters Ohanyan and Wallerstedt. And time for something to get into game, to spare."Direct recisely coach "a torpedo-the Metallurgist" Sergey Aleynikov, anyway, people risk. Off their homes in a prosperous Italy and to accept the proposal from Russia - no one is to be decided. Himself Aleynikov acknowledged that with time it will become clear how this risk was justified, because it is one thing to believe and to hope for success, and quite another to reap the rewards. Somehow all come together?? The first match on the nose, but I still can not boast of a well-coordinated collective play of the team, ? recognized Aleynikov. - Have retractable cords, there is the backbone, but no clear picture. Why would I hide it?? The impression that you are trying to mislead their opponents in the first round ? Spartak-? Spartak's too many problems, and red and white it would be foolish to deny it - which is no goalie. But those were failures of last year and this offseason. 15 March, no doubt, we will see a completely different team ? carpentered and strong-willed.? Let me ask you an indiscreet question. How do you know what was "Spartacus" and the Russian championship, at least in the last season?? And in fact, in past years, constantly staying abroad, I rarely had a chance to watch the Russian championship. But now - how many teams already viewed, players, I always consult with my colleagues. So knowledge of Russian football can not complain.? Goes, three incomplete months to review enough.? It turns out that way. But the rest have no time for the development of the game. But we still managed to put together key - in the midfield. Good fit to attack Wallerstedt, Oganyan. Yes, and all other newcomers came to the court, their level at this stage I was quite happy. Daily work during the season, I am sure, will give new positive results, then hopefully will be something to boast of. Now without any reservations will highlight the amazing performance of guys and their effort. ? So you already have "torpedo-the Metallurgist" in the forthcoming championship?? Time will tell. Because as usual: the beginning of the championship - a continuous sensation, then everything returns to normal.? The club has set itself the target for the season? ? This conversation we have. But for myself, I already set the benchmark. After meeting with the leadership of count the number of positions in the standings I was wrong (laughs).? You have mentioned, I imagine the core of the team. However, we did not know the name of the new captain torpedo - the Metallurgist"-? In captain I see, first of all, one of the closest assistants. We cannot say that we lack charismatic leaders, but I do not hurry with the choice, are defined.? One of the features of the current "torpedo-the Metallurgist" ? how ever long bench? It's great, no doubt. But competition has forced us to look for a new team with some talented players. For example, the No. In the double - hardly the best player, but to correspond. And the guy need practice, on the bench to leave him be.

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