Evening prayers accompany the Spartacus workout

Evening prayers accompany the Spartacus workoutSpartak Moscow continues training on Turkish soil. Do red-white in the town of Belek, but soon will move to Antalya. Today the team of Oleg Romantseva plan to spend their first friendly game on this collection.Titov explained the rules Golfo the words of the team Manager Alexander Hadji, just at the Turkish training camp "Spartak" should play five friendly fixtures. The first will take place today. Rival - Latvian "metallurg" from Liepaja. The game will take place on the same field where exercise regularly red-white - fifteen minute walk from their hotel. The match begins quite early for such meetings - 11: 00 Turkish time (at 12: 00 Moscow time).By the way, in the territory belonging to the hotel, which now is occupied by "Spartak", in addition to soccer fields, there is another ? Golf. Around him poke into the ground with signs in three languages: "Log in here is your own risk". Supposedly, gape and can get the ball in the forehead.Spartak Golf course, no play is no free time. Although one of them is the team captain Yegor Titov, as it turned out, very well knows the rules of this game. One of these days he explained in detail their partners all the nuances.The squares on hatzimanikatis, Titov already sometimes joins the classes in the group, as well as another gradually recovering player Vashchuk. However, they participate only in those exercises that are one hundred percent safe for their health.By the way, my favorite squares are the captain of "Spartacus" is not involved. Red-white practice this exercise almost every workout. To make it more exciting, head coach Oleg Romantsev divides the team into two groups, including participants in the process to competitive interest. The goal is to make as much gear as the pair of players inside the square, doesn't catch the ball. Who lost - pressed.A particularly challenging form of exercise - with the transfer to third. This means that the player has no right to pass to the partner, which has just received the ball. In this situation, the opportunities for transmission are narrowed. However, in this case the contractions as a rule, are most welcome. Bored Egor accesses Vaschuk: "Vlad, come on, that is, with doctors and masseurs square organized? People have to have it typed".Kovtun gave otdohnuvshii both of them (Titov with Vaschuk) join players kicking on goal. The goal is to give from a Central circle of the ball toward the penalty area partners, and they have processed it, to throw off the oncoming player is under attack. At some point, the rams gave the ball to Vashchuk too much. He takes it with the words: "be Careful, buddy, flaps I forgot to take". In response midfielder red-white, as you know, not deprived sense of humour, gives: "And you, Vlad, injured knee substitute!"Curiously, evening workout "Spartak" held under very peculiar musical accompaniment. The fact is that close to the training fields of red and white is a mosque, and then regularly from the sounds of Muslim prayer chants: "They, in my opinion, here every evening pray", ? says Titov.Two days in the group was not engaged in Yuri Kovtun. He choked muscles, and an experienced football player was given the opportunity to relax. During General training, he usually ran in circles around the field. Continues your individual Jogging (alternating with Cycling and training on simulators) Dmitry Parfyonov. The defender shows that he wants as quickly as possible to return to duty - starved for work.Denis Integer.

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