Rostov made an appeal to the fans

Rostov made an appeal to the fansThe players of FC "Rostov" has addressed an open letter to fans, razmeshannym on the official website of the club. The message says: "Last season was a difficult one for our football club, but we've felt your support. Thank you for this! With the new season we expect a great deal. The time has come when we must return to its former glory Rostov football and to uphold its best traditions. The new name of our football club "Rostov" represents the fact that the club is one of the symbols of the city, and our city - Rostov. Every time they step on the field, we will defend the honor of the don land, bear in mind the power of the people living on it. Читать полностью -->

Part of the shares of Manchester United is sent to USA

Part of the shares of Manchester United is sent to USAThe American tycoon, Malcol Glazer, who owns the champion of the NFL team the Tampa - bought shares of "Manchester United" in the amount of 9 million pounds, reports the Daily telegraph. Glaser intends to strengthen ties between American football and European football. Note that colleagues of Glazer in America has already bought a total of 10 percent of the shares of the "red devils".. . . . Читать полностью -->

Lazio are going to play with three forwards against Empoli

Lazio are going to play with three forwards against EmpoliMain Lazio coach Roberto Mancini said that his team will play with three forwards in the home match against Empoli. Recently recovered from injury Simone Inzaghi left a great impression in a recent match Lazio in the UEFA Cup against Besiktas, and Mancini intends to release it on the field. Partners Inzaghi in attack can be Claudio Lopez and Enrico Chiesa.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of England. The results of the 19-th round

The Championship Of England. The results of the 19-th roundCampbell, 45; 2:0 Pires, 90 0:1 Jensen, 37; 1:1 Devlin, 67 pins. 1:0 Dichio, 27; 2:0 Koumas, 33; 2:1 Phillips, 56; 2:2 Phillips, 1 64:0 Pierce, 17; 1:1 Ricketts 1:0 Kewell, 74; 1:1 Fernandez, 88 1:0 Solano, 8; 2:0 Bellamy, 70 1:0 Gudjonsen, 42; 2:0 Lampard, 57. . . . Читать полностью -->

James Obiora: Pray to God that all the sores have healed

James Obiora: Pray to God that all the sores have healedWith the fact that in the first matches of the season weakest line of Champions of Russia was to attack, no one argues. One of the reasons is the lack of James Obiora, which is disabling another injury.- Very worried that can't be cured, says Nigerian. And pray to God that all the sores healed quickly, and I was restored to 100 percent. Until ready only 60 - 70. Today (the interview took place on Wednesday. - Approx. Читать полностью -->

Spartacus creates a new team with championship ambitions

Spartacus creates a new team with championship ambitionsThe end of 2002 in the transfer market was marked by a significant intensification of the Moscow "Spartak". The loss of the championship title forced the red and white to go for a radical change in the composition. As a result, we can already say that next season the team will look very different. On the one hand "shaking" frame has never been considered a success. However, after a disastrous season to expect the leadership of "Spartacus" other solutions were, at least, naive. In addition, Muscovites and earlier often resorted to such methods, and until recently it did not interfere with the wards of Oleg Romantseva consistently to achieve results. Читать полностью -->

Vasily Utkin. Sociedad has had it

Vasily Utkin. Sociedad has had itFirst thought coming to the most mundane weekend. The only delicious dish - the Seville Derby, real Betis against Sevilla in the capital temperamental Spanish South could serve is dessert: both teams for first place now are not fighting. And those who are in this struggle adept - real Madrid, Deportivo, Valencia" and the crowd pleaser, he's a troublemaker, he's the Russian team of our days "real Sociedad", - were to meet with a more or less colorless succession of the middle peasants. However, in this ordinariness leadership life lurked a serious catch: they all accidental coincidence played on the road.This circumstance turned out to be really important. Middle evil today, and any departure poses for leaders serious threat. Читать полностью -->

Yury Sevidov. The unexpected victory

Yury Sevidov. The unexpected victoryFor anybody not a secret: in football learn to play all. Now to look down at the opponents of the national team of Albania, we just don't have the right. It is necessary to immediately set themselves on an equal struggle. On a tough Beat someone, without putting in some effort, it is impossible. Mandatory victory has sunk into Oblivion. Читать полностью -->

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