Blatter against increasing the number of teams at the world Championships

Blatter against increasing the number of teams at the world ChampionshipsFIFA President Sepp Blatter announced on Wednesday that he was against increasing the number of teams participating in the 2006 world Cup from 32 to 36."I think we should stick to our decision in December 2002 in Madrid, namely, to keep the 32 participating teams," said Blatter.The Confederation of South American Football, which lost one seat to the 2006 world Cup, last week made a proposal to FIFA to increase the number of teams participating in the FIFA world Cup in Germany for another four."The proposal will be considered and the final decision of the FIFA Executive Committee in may in Zurich," said Blatter.President of the organizing Committee of the 2006 FIFA world Cup Franz Beckenbauer noticed that the world Cup with 36 teams is allowed."We are able to do this. I'm not saying that there will be no problems, but will not have such problems that we cannot solve. Be that as it may, the decision on this matter taken not by us but by FIFA," said Beckenbauer.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Evening prayers accompany the Spartacus workout

Evening prayers accompany the Spartacus workoutSpartak Moscow continues training on Turkish soil. Do red-white in the town of Belek, but soon will move to Antalya. Today the team of Oleg Romantseva plan to spend their first friendly game on this collection.Titov explained the rules Golfo the words of the team Manager Alexander Hadji, just at the Turkish training camp "Spartak" should play five friendly fixtures. The first will take place today. Rival - Latvian "metallurg" from Liepaja. The game will take place on the same field where exercise regularly red-white - fifteen minute walk from their hotel. Читать полностью -->

The UEFA Cup. 1/8 finals. Second legBesiktas - Slavia Prague- 4:2 (1:0) - the first match 0:1 1:0 Punk, 43; 2:0 Guiaro, 61; 3:0 Darsan, 67; 4:0 Mensis, 69; 4:1 Dallek, 76 pins.; 4:2 Hrdlicka, AC- - 0:1 (0:1) - the first match 0:0 0:1 Mana, htotal- - 3:2 (1:2) - the first match 1:3 0:1 Thompson, 13; 0:2 Sutton, 15; 1:2 Tiffert, 38; 2:2 Bread, 75; 3:2 Mattel, benissimo- - 2:2 (0:1) - the first match 1:6 0:1 Derlei, 43; 1:1 Martin, 52; 2:1 Ozkan, 58; 2:2 Clayton, Anderlecht- - 2:0 (0:0) - the first match 0:3 1:0 Jestrovic, 70; 2:0 Jestrovic, 82 - Auxerre- 2:0 (0:0) - the first match 1:0 1:0 Owen, 67; 2:0 Murphy, 7323:30 Boavista - Hertha Match Wisla - Lazio cancelled due to weather conditions. The stadium in Krakow are covered with ice, so the decision was made to reschedule the match. When exactly it will be is still unknown.. . Читать полностью -->

Kolinko in Spartacus will not be

Kolinko in Spartacus will not beGoalkeeper Latvia Alexander Kolinko remains in the club of the first division of English "crystal Palace"."Talks with the leadership of "Spartacus" came to nothing, said Kolinko. One of the main reasons is the failure of the "crystal Palace" to let me go until the completion of the term of the contract, i.e. until June. Sorry, I really want to play in Russia."". . . Читать полностью -->

Torpedo-Metallurg. Raised chicken and new barn

Torpedo-Metallurg. Raised chicken and new barnMany fans ? those who are not passionate and excitable ? tend even before the start of the season to allocate the final place. "Torpedo-the Metallurgist" is not always rewarded with a favorable prognosis: while from year to year a harrowing struggle for survival, a team from the Eastern streets associated in the minds of most football fans with inveterate outsider.Meanwhile at the club in recent months has changed very much ? beginning with the title, which was the result of a legal reorganization, and ending with the notorious budget. This year on the content of "torpedo-the Metallurgist" is selected, according to various estimates, about $ 8 million. By modern football standards in Russia means not so hot, but this figure significantly exceeds the planned volume of financing of at least 5?6 provincial clubs that we used to see at the bottom of the standings.Of course, not everything is determined by the size of the club Treasury, but because of financial problems did not allow black-white - green to be last year at their place. Months-long delays in salary payment to the coaches, players, staff ? didn't add points in the Treasury. Читать полностью -->

Bobby Charlton: Manchester United is back on the shoulders of the Dutchman

Bobby Charlton: Manchester United is back on the shoulders of the Dutchman? Ahead of the match against Everton, the Arsenal players were in the unenviable psychological status: eliminated from the Champions League, the loss of first place after Saturday's matches ? all this could not pass unnoticed.However, to the credit of the gunners, they managed to gather and in the hard struggle won uncompromising Liverpool fighting for a place in the most prestigious club tournament of Europe. After a series of unsuccessful games win should cheer up Londoners, and this is especially important given that on Tuesday they will have a tough match c Chelsea for the right to continue the struggle in the FA Cup. And the team Ranieri is clearly gaining momentum, as evidenced by its recent strong success in the meeting with Manchester city."Manchester United" on this tour again climbed on the shoulders of van Nistelrooy, relentlessly striking the gate rivals of Manchester United. The Dutchman has only four goals in order to reach their last year ? 36 goals, and there is no doubt that in the remaining part of the season he still had time to block it. And the final part of the season will be for Ferguson's charges is very complex: the quest for the Cup Champions and the fight for the gold Premier League will require the "Red devils" just a Herculean effort. However, the "Manchester" is no stranger.. Читать полностью -->

Premier-League. Applications clubs. Saturn-RР•N TV (Moscow region)

Premier-League. Applications clubs. Saturn-RР•N TV (Moscow region)Established in 1933. Until 1964 - "wings of the Soviets", "Work", until 2002 - Saturn.Color: black and blue.The highest achievement in the USSR Championships - 5th place in 2nd League (1988).The highest achievement in the national Championships - 6th place (2001, 2002). The Quarter-Finalists Of The Cup Of Russia - 2000, 2002.Club address: 140103, Moscow region, Ramenskoye, stadium "Saturn".Phone: (246 from Moscow, 09646 - from other cities) 7-93-72.Fax: 7-95-95.Stadium: Saturn (16 500).Phone: 7-42-79.General Director - Mykola geluk. Zam. Читать полностью -->

Rexach is leaving Barcelona after 44 years

Rexach is leaving Barcelona after 44 yearsLooks like the era of the stay in "Barcelona" Carles Rexach. After 44 years, the first time he walked in the door of the Catalan club initially as a player and not mediocre), it seems, over Rexach hovering black clouds. Currently he holds the position of technical Secretary at hometown club. Bad news told Rexach General Director of "Barcelona" Javier Perez. Now Rexach remains to work at the club until the first of July. As can be seen, the resignation of Joan Gaspar as President of the "blue garnet", and his team was deprived of Rexach any support and now he has no one to trust.Now we will briefly tell the reader biography Rexach. Читать полностью -->

A meeting of the Board of PFL of Ukraine

A meeting of the Board of PFL of UkraineWithin two and a half hours took several important decisions, some of which are new for Ukrainian football.So, a lot of excitement generated first Vice-President of the football Federation of Sergey Storozhenko regarding the future licensing of football clubs. It was decided that the club will prepare certification documents and will send representatives -- responsible for completing the appraisal, lawyer and head of the Finance Department -- in Kiev for a seminar on the issues of licensing, which will take place 11--12 March.The members of the Council unanimously decided to set a limit on the number of foreign players in the first League, beginning next season. Now the field in the same team at the same time can not be more than five foreigners. Taken supplements to the Regulations and in the articles concerning foreign players in the teams of the second division. If before the teams of the second League had no right to stand in the game of foreign players, starting with the 2003/2004 season, farm clubs teams and first leagues will be able to declare a game of two such players.The hottest debate was on the question of the status of players over 23 years old who had completed a contract with the club. According to regular FIFA rules, implemented on 1 September 2001, the player in this case goes into any club without compensation. Читать полностью -->

Kebe again in Spartacus, and the Romanians of Dance gets used to the push-UPS

Kebe again in Spartacus, and the Romanians of Dance gets used to the push-UPSYesterday morning to FC Spartak Moskva, conducting pre-season training camp in Belek, Turkey, has joined the Senegalese midfielder Ibra KГ©bГ©, who was at home.Kebe took part in the morning training session of the red-whites - by the way, this time he did it without the usual bandanas on the head. Rookie "Spartak" Dmitry Smirnov, by the way, at first did not understand that in "Spartacus" came Kebe. "I thought it was another newcomer"? admitted ex-zilovskoye midfielder.A large part of yesterday's morning session was devoted to the game in the square and practicing shots on goal. Was not engaged in the General group of five people - defenders Pinheiro and Demenko, Midfielders Smirnov and Kalinichenko and striker Pavlyuchenko. It's those players who the night before played the whole match against Latvia, "metallurg" from Liepaja. Recall that it ended with a confident victory red-white 2:0. Читать полностью -->

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