Spartacus prepares to become the champion of Russia

Spartacus prepares to become the champion of RussiaToday in DC "Motorist" was held a traditional pre-season meeting of fans of the Moscow "Spartak" with the management, coaching staff and players of the team, reported the press service of "red and white".Hall DK "Motorist" nearly burst at the seams from a huge number of volunteers to communicate with their Pets. In the beginning of the meeting Oleg Romantsev presented beginners "red-white": Roman Pavlyuchenko, the Maxim Demenko, Andrew Rubin, Dmitry Smirnova and Vladislav Vashchuk (in connection with the death of mom, Vlad flew to Kiev), and joined the ranks of Spartacus legions of other countries: Brazilians Andre, luisГЈo and Moroccan Bugs.Then within the hour the management and the players answered numerous questions, most of which, naturally, was intended to Oleg. Each answer Spartak leader was followed by thunderous applause. Unfortunately, in connection with the business Affairs of the club, was unable to attend the meeting, the President "Spartaka" Andrey Chervichenko. Therefore, the subject of the operation had to cover sports Director Alexander Chikunov.Overall, despite the sometimes thorny emotional issues, the dinner was held in a very warm atmosphere and is often accompanied by jokes. To bring the chronology of the meeting was hardly appropriate, but a summary of the main statements of the Spartacists to bring to the public, of course, cost.The head coach of Muscovites Oleg Romantsev has promised fans that his team will do everything possible to regain the title. Читать полностью -->

Ralif Safin is willing to sell their shares of Spartacus

Ralif Safin is willing to sell their shares of SpartacusIn an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia" the Senator from Altai, former Vice-President of LUKOIL Ralif Safin has declared its readiness to sell his shares of the football club "Spartak"."Unfortunately, I have no time to participate in the management of the club. So I will sell their shares. It is pointless to engage in the business in which you don't make decisions," said Safin.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Franco Sensi continues campaign against Galliani and Carraro

Franco Sensi continues campaign against Galliani and CarraroThe President of as Roma Franco Sensi has again made itself felt. It seemed that after his first two fiery speeches, the President of the club of Rome had to calm down, but no such luck. He again took up the old and began in a loud voice to accuse all and Sundry. Disappointed such a bad season his team, Sensi, however, did not fail to see in this intervention "otherworldly" forces in the face of Galliani, "Juventus" "Milan" and "men in black"."In the championship we just beat the so-called first person of Italian football - Galliani (Vice-President of "Milan" and the President of the Football League) and even Carraro (President of the Football Federation of Italy). But never mind, next season, "Roma" will show. This season we woke up late, did not understand clearly the goals and intentions of others. Читать полностью -->

The Spanish Cup. 1/2 final"Osasuna" - "Deportivo Alaves" - 2:2 (2:0)Goals: Aloisi, 23. Moss, 42 Xisco, 47. Benitez, Fredericia: Moss, 16. Rivero, 63. Munoz, 80 (all About)the First match - 0:2"Mallorca" - "Deportivo" - 1:1 (0:1)goals: Ibagaza, 82 - Fran, Fredericia: That-70 - Pablo, bervy match - 3:2.. Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Spain. Kaleidoscope

The Championship Of Spain. Kaleidoscope- "Sevilla" in the third match in a row celebrates success. During this time the team rose to eighth place.- Mallorca ended a run of seven unsuccessful matches in a row. Moreover, the "islanders" on October 27 (!) can't keep his goal intact.- Sevilla have not conceded no goals for 271 minutes. After today's victory, "Mallorca" with "Betis", clubs equaled the number of victories in face-to-face duels. But the teams have never played each other in a draw.- From 21 April 1996 "Celta" can't score a single goal in an away match against Rayo Vallecano. Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Russia. Statistics

The Championship Of Russia. Statistics"Spartak-Alania" - "Dinamo"Vladikavkaz fifth time don't score the penalty spot in the first round, and Elvetia has failed a second time, and catching up on this indicator Suleymanova."Spartak-Alania" successfully started the first 7 Championships, consistently winning the first matches, but the last 5 years Vladikavkaz lose at the start.But the Dynamo scored already 9 starting a victory in the Championships of Russia. Dynamo can safely call myself the best starters.CSKA - "the ruby"CSKA third time starts the championship with victory with the score 4:0. In 1993 CSKA beat "wings of the Soviets", and a year ago "torpedo-ZIL".This is the 13th victory of CSKA with the score, and 12 of them at home.CSKA for the second time in Russian history, examine the debutant of the higher League, and the second time the exam was failed. In 1995 Chornomorets lost 1:3, and that citizens of Kazan could not withstand the onslaught of 0 - 4."Krylya Sovetov" - "the Rotor"until 2000, the assets of "Wings of the Soviets" was just 1 victory over the "Rotor" (in 1994 in his field). But in the last three years samarians started to correct their performance in matches with Volgograd scoring 3 wins, still only in home matches.Andrey Tikhonov, scoring two goals brought the score his goals in the championship, the Cup of Russia, as well as in European competitions and games for the national team to 100, and entered the Club. Читать полностью -->

Spartak went to the first training camp in Sochi without the Leovac and Kebe

Spartak went to the first training camp in Sochi without the Leovac and KebeThe first remained in Brazil for family reasons, what warning in advance. Kebe, as usual, lingers in Africa. According to some, the Senegalese would like to pursue a career in Western Europe, but he is bound by the contract with "Spartak". Both legionary needs to join the team in January at the Turkish training camp.Sochi Muscovites met by inclement weather. However, snow and hail did not prevent red-white to spend the weekend in three scheduled workouts.. . Читать полностью -->

Robert wants to stay in Newcastle

Robert wants to stay in NewcastleNewcastle midfielder Laurent Robert stated his desire to stay at the club and sign a new agreement, the website Planetfootball. However he refuted the assumption, looking for a new team."If everything is in order, I would like to sign a new five-year contract, " said Robert. I want to help "Newcastle" to win a trophy. The team I came in order to progress, and I want to continue to play at a high level. If we constantly reinforce the squad, you will be able to compete with Manchester United and Arsenal, will become one of the leading teams in Europe. Last year Newcastle finished 4th, this year we can improve on that".According to 27-year-old midfielder "Newcastle" has not yet dropped out of the title race.. Читать полностью -->

Judges will equip radios

Judges will equip radiosThe international Federation of football associations (FIFA) is going to try out a new system of communication between the referees, helpers and officials during matches. At the annual Congress of the International football Board (IFAB), which was held in the capital of Northern Ireland - Belfast, officials decided to "empower" the referee and his assistants mini-stations, ITAR-TASS reported. Innovation decided to try out during the matches of the Confederations Cup, which will be held from 18 to 29 June in France. It is worth Recalling that in the Arsenal of an arbitrator already have electronic devices with which the linesman sends a signal to the host about the offside or other breach of the rules. It also became known that the replays will not be used to determine the score. The decision taken by the referee during the game, will remain final. Читать полностью -->

The match against Charlton is more important than inter, says Shearer

The match against Charlton is more important than inter, says ShearerThe Newcastle captain Alan Shearer said that Saturday's match of the championship of England against "Charlton" more important to the team than the second match of the group stage of the Champions League against inter."We played well against inter in the first match, but now for us the more important the game against Charlton." If we want the next season to be in the Champions League, we must win "Charlton" on Saturday. Our opponents probably think they can take advantage of our fatigue after a trip to Milan, but our result in the championship is very impressionable, and we are not going to surrender," said Shearer in an interview with the local newspaper, the Evening Chronicle".Note that the "Newcastle" takes the third place in the tournament table of the championship of England.The head coach of Newcastle's Bobby Robson said: "Some players looked tired in practice yesterday, but whatever it was we were going on the upcoming match with a fighting spirit. In October, we have already won a victory over Charlton at the stadium "St. James Park", but with a minimum score of (2-1). The match was not easy, and I was very glad when at last the final whistle sounded".Robson also noted that midfielder Kieron Dyer is included in the squad for the upcoming match, after he underwent x-rays of the knee."X-ray showed that my knee's fine. This is a huge relief for Dyer, as he was very anxious on this score," said Robson.. Читать полностью -->

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