The UEFA Champions League. Goalkeeper Milan were never needed

The UEFA Champions League. Goalkeeper Milan were never needed90 with nebuchim minutes of the game the players of Lokomotiv failed to hit the target enemy. The only goal on 34 minutes from the penalty spot held Rivaldo 0:1 Rivaldo, 34 pins.22:45 Borussia Dortmund - Real:45 Deportivo - Basel 22:45 Juventus - Manchester UTD. . . . Читать полностью -->

Hedman is out for two months

Hedman is out for two monthsThe Sweden goalkeeper Magnus Hedman was out of action for two months due to a knee injury, according to the Swedish Agency TT.On Friday, a medical examination showed that Hedman damaged tendon. The goalkeeper turned his ankle in training Celtic on Wednesday.Thus, he will miss the qualifying match of Euro 2004 against Hungary on 2 April.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Spartacus sent home by Romanians and waiting for Brazilians

Spartacus sent home by Romanians and waiting for BraziliansSpartak Moscow have decided not to sign contracts with two Romanian players ? goalkeeper Bogdan Vintila and defender of Christian Dance. This was reported by the club's sporting Director Alexander Chikunov.Both Romanians on Monday afternoon I Packed my things and left for home. As for the Brazilian Andre Diaz, he remains in "Spartak". Red-white take it on lease for a period of one year. Soon after the location of the Moscow club, which continues fees on Turkish soil, must arrive with two more Brazilian players ? Central defender and striker. It is not excluded visit to view right Romania defender Gabriel Tamas. Читать полностью -->

Alexey Smertin: the Art of living does not interfere with football

Alexey Smertin: the Art of living does not interfere with footballAlexei Smertin, the hardest on today Russian football the currency quotes which year are coming up. Recent debutant Romaszewski team, when Gazzaev it looks already a pivotal player and plays with the captain's armband. Smertin is the most expensive Russian footballer: his January transfer to Newcastle for 6.5 million dollars did not take place only because the amount was considered insufficient to his current club Bordeaux.- Greatly distressed by the disorder of the contract with Newcastle?- There is a little bit. I thought that the English Premier League could become a new step in my career, and this season is the best time to do it. Negotiations between the clubs on my account lasted about two weeks, but the result did not bring.- Dugarri in "Birmingham" and Bonnissel in Rangers went from Bordeaux last January without delay... " In principle "Bordeaux" is not against the sale of players - the question conditions. Читать полностью -->

Ukraine - Spain: match review

Ukraine - Spain: match reviewBrilliant goal by Alexander Gorshkov has allowed the Ukrainian team in the final seconds to avoid defeat in the match against group favourites Spain. Draw 2-2 realistically reflects the vicissitudes of the match. The team started briskly, after a few seconds after the whistle Ukrainians rushed to the attack, Shevchenko dangerous shot along the gate of the guests, but none of his comrades had no time to close the chamber. Immediately, the Spaniards created a dangerous moment, but selflessly played back.In the first minutes of the Spaniards seized the initiative and are very confident feel at the Olympic stadium. De Pedro, Raul, Baraja were distinguished by their activity and guests seemed firmly took control of the midfield. But then counterattack "yellow and blue" have their say. Читать полностью -->

Milan - Juventus: before the match

Milan - Juventus: before the matchApril 6, 1997. The San Siro Stadium. Italian Derby. Unethicalness defeat the Rossoneri before his audience... 1-6... the only goal of Milan on account of Marco Simone, who was no longer at the club... Читать полностью -->

Who goes to Spartak

Who goes to Spartak14 players from 10 countries visited in the current season on view in "Spartacus". Contracts with 9-multiple Champions of Russia so far has signed only 5 of them. Fate 9 is not yet resolved.Among those and the two most recent rookie of the Moscow club: joined him during this training camp in Turkey Moroccan goalkeeper of Abdelilah Bugs and the Brazilian defender Luisinho.Igrostroeniya clubetage prosmotra. Pavlyuchenkova-year-old contract. Literoticalolita-year-old contract. Segarasejati-year contract service. Читать полностью -->

The battle for the Dane

The battle for the DaneGoalkeeper of Danish and English, "Sunderland" Thomas sГёrensen became a matter of dispute between the two giants of English football "Arsenal" and "Manchester United". Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson is eager to see the 26 - year-old Dane at his club.SГёrensen, protecting the gate leaving the Premier League "Sunderland", said he did not intend to go down with the club in the first division. Next season he will probably spend in the Premier League team. That's only in what. The first club that showed interest in the goalkeeper of the national team of Denmark became the "Arsenal" seeking a successor to David Seaman. But "Manchester United", where the goalie is not so alarming, so I intend to join in the struggle for sГёrensen. Читать полностью -->

Del Bosque may be without Central defenders

Del Bosque may be without Central defendersCentral defender of real Madrid's Ivan Helguera may miss the match with "Milan", which will be held next week. In fact, in Saturday's match against Alaves" he hurt the ankle of the right leg."Usually after such injuries, the players recover in two weeks," said the team doctor Juan Carlos Hernandez. "However, we have important matches, so try to prepare it by the game with "Milan".In addition to algery in the "Real world" still injured and Fernando Hierro. Therefore, if the defender will not be able to participate in the next Champions League game, coaches have to put in a Central defensive midfielder Claude Makelele, or call a player from the reserves.. . . Читать полностью -->

The President of Deportivo confident of success

The President of Deportivo confident of successPresident of the Spanish "Deportivo" Augusto cГ©sar Lendoiro expressed the belief that the forces will not leave his team during that time period left before the end of the championship. Lendoiro stated that his team once again shows a very good football after some players recovered from injuries."The leadership of real Madrid was to be expected after such a stellar acquisitions and judging from that game, which he demonstrates. However, we are not going to retreat. Over the past three years we have managed once to become Champions and twice Vice-Champions".Lendoiro can not but rejoice the fact that the team has ceased to pursue a series of injuries."At the moment we are about to find his best form. Almost all of our players are in good form, so we can have many opportunities tactical plan". Lendoiro considers very important the fact that Deportivo still manages to participate in three tournaments - the Spanish League, the Champions League and king's Cup."We are proud to be participants in the three competitions. Читать полностью -->

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