Valencia lost keels

Valencia lost keelsToday Kili Gonzalez will undergo the medical examination, the results of which will become clear how serious a Tr received by him in yesterday's match against athletic Bilbao. However, it is already clear that this Wednesday Gonzalez will not play in resouse game of UEFA Champions League against Arsenal.His Valencia on Sunday with a minimum score lost "Athletics", and the 28-year-old Argentinian came on as a substitute, but minutes later was forced to leave the field on a stretcher after roughly played Aitor Karanko. "It seems that Keeley stretched inner ligament of the left knee. Need to check, not torn whether they are, ' said the doctor, "Valencia" Jordi Candela. - Can't say how long it will take to recover. Now sore knee makes itself felt".This season for the midfielder was unusually bad his injuries. Читать полностью -->

Barcelona - inter Milan: match report

Barcelona - inter Milan: match reportIn the Catalan capital hosted one of the Central matches of the second group stage of the Champions League, which met local "Barcelona" and the Italian "inter". Meet the teams started very quickly, from the first minutes making it clear that they will not concede an inch of the field."Barcelona, apparently, longing for victory in the domestic League, a large force went ahead in the 7th minute after profitable a pass from Xavi Argentinian Javier Saviola, freed from the tutelage of the defender, from fifteen feet drove the ball into the goal, protect the Toldo. Thus, the "Leopard" took.This course of events did not suit Nerazzurri Milan and already the team rushed forward, creating within three minutes two real chances to score, where the main character was, of course, forward Christian Vieri. But both times, the way the ball was up, "the Keeper" of the Catalans Banana. Further, it seemed that the passion subsided a bit, but there it was. "Barcelona" was right on the corner after the draw which to fight on the second floor of the winner was Frank De Boer, throwing the ball on the foot Kluivert, who broke with the fly, but were at the height of the Toldo. Читать полностью -->

SE visiting Dmitry Sychev

SE visiting Dmitry SychevInterview with Dmitry Sychev I wanted to take in Moscow. Here he had to change trains on the way from Kiev to Omsk, where he was flying for a few days. But the meeting did not happen: the flight was late, and time for conversation. Then I took a plane ticket and flew at random in Omsk after him. However, previously called dad Sychev - Eugene. On Wednesday morning he met me at the airport - Sorry, not invited, " he said, realizing, apparently, that first time we talked with him at my house. Читать полностью -->

Valeriy Gazzaev: Everything goes according to plan

Valeriy Gazzaev: Everything goes according to planHead coach of Russia on football Valery Gazzaev happy with the team, which is now based in the Italian town of Ancona. According to the coach, the conditions for doing great, and most importantly - training promotes good weather. Yesterday in the camp of the Russian national team arrived Legionnaires: Viktor Onopko, Alexei Smertin and Dmitry Khokhlov.The plan Gazzaev, today will be two training session, and tomorrow the team will hold a two-way game. On Friday the team will fly out for the game with the national team of Albania in the qualifying tournament of Euro 2004.. . . Читать полностью -->

Milan will spend on Chivu 20 million

Milan will spend on Chivu 20 millionItalian "Milan" has found the money to good use, which the club will receive for successful performance in the Champions League in 2002/03. These revenues Ancelotti intends to keep on buying a left-back Amsterdam's "Ajax" Kristan Chivu. Perhaps the transfer will take place this summer, and it would amount to 20 million pounds, however, for this "red-black" we need to reach the semi-finals. The Romanians also claims real Madrid, but he is ready to "fork out" for "only" 12 million. What wonder things in the Champions League, as we know, they are neither good nor bad.. . Читать полностью -->

Spartacus prepares to become the champion of Russia

Spartacus prepares to become the champion of RussiaToday in DC "Motorist" was held a traditional pre-season meeting of fans of the Moscow "Spartak" with the management, coaching staff and players of the team, reported the press service of "red and white".Hall DK "Motorist" nearly burst at the seams from a huge number of volunteers to communicate with their Pets. In the beginning of the meeting Oleg Romantsev presented beginners "red-white": Roman Pavlyuchenko, the Maxim Demenko, Andrew Rubin, Dmitry Smirnova and Vladislav Vashchuk (in connection with the death of mom, Vlad flew to Kiev), and joined the ranks of Spartacus legions of other countries: Brazilians Andre, luisГЈo and Moroccan Bugs.Then within the hour the management and the players answered numerous questions, most of which, naturally, was intended to Oleg. Each answer Spartak leader was followed by thunderous applause. Unfortunately, in connection with the business Affairs of the club, was unable to attend the meeting, the President "Spartaka" Andrey Chervichenko. Therefore, the subject of the operation had to cover sports Director Alexander Chikunov.Overall, despite the sometimes thorny emotional issues, the dinner was held in a very warm atmosphere and is often accompanied by jokes. To bring the chronology of the meeting was hardly appropriate, but a summary of the main statements of the Spartacists to bring to the public, of course, cost.The head coach of Muscovites Oleg Romantsev has promised fans that his team will do everything possible to regain the title. Читать полностью -->

Ralif Safin is willing to sell their shares of Spartacus

Ralif Safin is willing to sell their shares of SpartacusIn an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia" the Senator from Altai, former Vice-President of LUKOIL Ralif Safin has declared its readiness to sell his shares of the football club "Spartak"."Unfortunately, I have no time to participate in the management of the club. So I will sell their shares. It is pointless to engage in the business in which you don't make decisions," said Safin.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Franco Sensi continues campaign against Galliani and Carraro

Franco Sensi continues campaign against Galliani and CarraroThe President of as Roma Franco Sensi has again made itself felt. It seemed that after his first two fiery speeches, the President of the club of Rome had to calm down, but no such luck. He again took up the old and began in a loud voice to accuse all and Sundry. Disappointed such a bad season his team, Sensi, however, did not fail to see in this intervention "otherworldly" forces in the face of Galliani, "Juventus" "Milan" and "men in black"."In the championship we just beat the so-called first person of Italian football - Galliani (Vice-President of "Milan" and the President of the Football League) and even Carraro (President of the Football Federation of Italy). But never mind, next season, "Roma" will show. This season we woke up late, did not understand clearly the goals and intentions of others. Читать полностью -->

The Spanish Cup. 1/2 final"Osasuna" - "Deportivo Alaves" - 2:2 (2:0)Goals: Aloisi, 23. Moss, 42 Xisco, 47. Benitez, Fredericia: Moss, 16. Rivero, 63. Munoz, 80 (all About)the First match - 0:2"Mallorca" - "Deportivo" - 1:1 (0:1)goals: Ibagaza, 82 - Fran, Fredericia: That-70 - Pablo, bervy match - 3:2.. Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Spain. Kaleidoscope

The Championship Of Spain. Kaleidoscope- "Sevilla" in the third match in a row celebrates success. During this time the team rose to eighth place.- Mallorca ended a run of seven unsuccessful matches in a row. Moreover, the "islanders" on October 27 (!) can't keep his goal intact.- Sevilla have not conceded no goals for 271 minutes. After today's victory, "Mallorca" with "Betis", clubs equaled the number of victories in face-to-face duels. But the teams have never played each other in a draw.- From 21 April 1996 "Celta" can't score a single goal in an away match against Rayo Vallecano. Читать полностью -->

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