Vasily Utkin. Sociedad has had it

Vasily Utkin. Sociedad has had itFirst thought coming to the most mundane weekend. The only delicious dish - the Seville Derby, real Betis against Sevilla in the capital temperamental Spanish South could serve is dessert: both teams for first place now are not fighting. And those who are in this struggle adept - real Madrid, Deportivo, Valencia" and the crowd pleaser, he's a troublemaker, he's the Russian team of our days "real Sociedad", - were to meet with a more or less colorless succession of the middle peasants. However, in this ordinariness leadership life lurked a serious catch: they all accidental coincidence played on the road.This circumstance turned out to be really important. Middle evil today, and any departure poses for leaders serious threat. Читать полностью -->

Yury Sevidov. The unexpected victory

Yury Sevidov. The unexpected victoryFor anybody not a secret: in football learn to play all. Now to look down at the opponents of the national team of Albania, we just don't have the right. It is necessary to immediately set themselves on an equal struggle. On a tough Beat someone, without putting in some effort, it is impossible. Mandatory victory has sunk into Oblivion. Читать полностью -->

Byshovets has already held a training session in the Maritimes

Byshovets has already held a training session in the MaritimesYesterday in Funchal Anatoly Byshovets was introduced as head coach to the players, "cs", which after Sunday's draw against paГ§os de Ferreira is on the 14th place in the championship of Portugal. It was attended by his aides - Vasily Kulkov, who is familiar with Portuguese football performances in the mid-90s for SL Benfica, FC Porto and "Alverca", and the former player of Benfica and Portugal Rui, Aguas. After the ceremony of presentation of the new coaching staff "marГ­timo" held the first training with the main team of the island of Madeira.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Yury Sevidov. Gift for CSKA in women's day

Yury Sevidov. Gift for CSKA in women's dayLet my opinion go against the views of the majority, but I believe that the super bowl is a far-fetched action, taken from Europe and we don't absolutely need.If you start from the signs of the super bowl (the meeting of the national champion and Cup holder!), it seems this game should be one of the nails of the season. But, as often happens in the Russian context, all of the sudden turned upside down, and the idea depreciates. So, in my opinion, has happened and is scheduled for March 8 with a match "the locomotive" ? CSKA.First of all a very poorly selected dates. Clearly, the game was scheduled in order to review candidates for the national team of Russia. The benefit and in the composition of railwaymen, and in CSKA plenty of them. Читать полностью -->

Tristan declined the offer Barca

Tristan declined the offer BarcaDespite the fact that the striker "Deportivo" Diego Tristan throughout the season does not show their best game in Spanish for "Example," it remains one of the best players. Two candidates for the presidency of the Spanish "Barcelona" turned to his agents with suggestions about the transition.However, representatives of the player advised them first to occupy a high position, and only then to talk about the transfer. Last season, former coach of the Catalans Louis van Gaal refused to buy Tristan, when such a possibility была."Газета.Ru"". . . . Читать полностью -->

The match Australia-Argentina cancelled

The match Australia-Argentina cancelledA friendly football match between the national teams of Australia and Argentina cancelled. The meeting was to be held April 1 in the Canary Islands /Spain/.According to one version, the reason for the cancellation of the game was the threat of war in Iraq. According to others, the match is abandoned due to the fact that the Spanish football Federation has not confirmed its holding due to contract problems between her and the TV, which is a sponsor of the Federation.Anyway, the backup date for the match Argentina - Australia is not provided, then this game is in any case will not take place.The Australian football Federation is disappointed by the cancellation of the match, especially because the Argentines have already confirmed their participation.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Scottish Cup: 1/8 finalCeltic 3 - John Hartson 32 pins 86 pins, James Smith 77 St Johnstone (D1) 0. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Spain. Events

The Championship Of Spain. EventsForward "real" Raul scored two goals and bypasses in the list of scorers of real Madrid in its history the legendary Hugo Sanchez. Now with 208 goals raГєl is in fourth place. Leading in the list Di Stefano 307 goals, Santillana - 290, Puskas - 236, and Hugo Sanchez - 207.In two games, "Alaves" conceded 11 goals: a week ago he lost to Deportivo - 0:6.Amazing results demonstrates outsider Recreativo. In the last round club from Huelva defeated at home strong "Atletico" with the score 3:0. It was the first major victory of the "leisure studies" in the first division. Читать полностью -->

Brazilian striker Bondi dreams of playing in a team with Titov

Brazilian striker Bondi dreams of playing in a team with TitovIn the night from Wednesday to Thursday in the location of the Moscow "Spartak" came another Brazilian striker Renato Rafael Bondi. Up until recently, he was listed as the Italian "Salernitana" advocated by the Russian goalkeeper Ruslan Nigmatullin.? The invitation from "Spartacus" found out just a couple of days ago ? says Bondi. - Not even had time to discuss this topic with Ruslan Nigmatullin. I think it would me a lot to talk about "Spartacus", because he himself had played for this team. Alas! Sunday was game, and after I called the agent and was told that is interested in me "Spartak". After that, I appeared in "Salernitana".? To stay in Italy, therefore, is not wanted?? I do not have a relationship with the coach. Читать полностью -->

Spartacus awarded bronze medals

Spartacus awarded bronze medalsYesterday in the cultural-entertaining centre "the Crystal" was held the ceremony of "Spartacus" bronze medals of the championship of Russia-2002. Veterans club, Olympic Champions-56 Alexey Paramonov and Nikita Simonyan presented the awards to the players of Mitreski, Leovac, Titov, Daniszewski, Parfenov, Kovtun, Kalinichenko, Sonino, Abramides, Pavlenko, head coach Oleg Romantsev, General Manager Haji, the head of the team Zhilaevo, coaches Fedotov, Samokhin, Prudnikova, doctor Catolino, masseurs Larin, Panikov, administrator Vadim Romantseva, club President Chervichenko, sports Director Chikunova, Executive Director Shcheglov, Director of safety Matino.Medals also awarded was not present at the party Baranov, rootless, Kebe, Beschastnyh, Kudryashov, Ananke, Chmeistry, Levitsky. Then Spartak congratulated the President of Premier Vitaly Mutko, captain of the tennis team Russia, IOC member Shamil Tarpischev and the Chairman of the state Committee of Russia Vyacheslav Fetisov. After the ceremony took place a concert with participation of pop stars. . . Читать полностью -->