Shinnik beat Dynamo Kiev

Shinnik beat Dynamo KievDynamo played their first friendly match of the Dutch collection. The match Yaroslavl Shinnik Dynamo conceded with the account 0:1. A goal in the 85th minute, scoring Karpenko.Dinamo held both halves of different compositions. In the first half and in the second, was an equal game. Dynamo created more chances, but again their finishing let them down. Yaroslavl looked very good and in several episodes showed excellent team play. Читать полностью -->

The Spartacist Robert was injured

The Spartacist Robert was injureddonkey of the match "Spartak" - "Spartak-Alania", it was revealed that the Brazilian striker Muscovites Robert a broken nose. He was traumatized in one of the air combat in the second half. Doctors red-white will try for the closest matches to return the striker to the ranks.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The Italian League, 15th round

The Italian League, 15th roundOnly the second minute of added Maura Camoranesi scored the only goal for Juventus against "Perugia" than let's defending champion Italy closer to the leaders that their today's fights ended in a draw. This week the President "Perugia" Luciano Gaucci said that a draw with Juventus his people. To please the "master" players lacked a few seconds. At the end of the game the pressure on the defense of the home team became almost unbearable, and eventually Camoranesi completed a pass Christian zenoni from the flank."Milan" in a similar style acted in the match against Brescia with the only difference that a risky assault at the last minute did not produce results. Lazio have also taken just one point from Bologna.MILAN - BRESCIA - 063000 spectators.Kakha Kaladze and Andriy Shevchenko played the whole match for AC Milan.PERUGIA - JUVENTUS - 1 (Camoranesi 90)22000 spectators.LAZIO - 1 (K. Lopez 45)BOLOGNA - 1 (Zaccardo 66)Deleted by Nervo (B) 90.40000 spectators.CHIEVO - 2 (Legrottaglie 64, Pellise 73)COMO - 011527 spectators.ATALANTA - 2 (Doni 13, zenoni 33)EMPOLI - 2 (Grieco 85, but the effort 90)13000 spectators.REGINA - 3 (Savoldi 48, 64; mekelle Di 77-pins)PIACENZA - 1 (Boselli 13)Sergei Gurenko played for Piacenza" to 55 minutes.26000 spectators.. Читать полностью -->

Premier League may lose Chernomorets

Premier League may lose ChernomoretsToday at a specially convened press conference, the Chairman of the Board of Novorossiysk "Chernomorets" George Antonian stated that if, prior to January 25, 2003 not resolved the issue of financing the team, "Chernomorets" intends to withdraw from the championship of Russia. It was also announced that the club leaves a appointed only a week ago, head coach Vladimir Shevchuk. Not be on the team and three army men - Gabulov, tiputini and Piuk returned to Moscow. It is reported by our correspondent Alexander Loginov. Hotfoot to comment on this situation is almost impossible. Having won in a bitter struggle with "Tom" second promotion to the Premier League, Chornomorets immediately started looking for a stronger composition. Читать полностью -->

Oliver Bierhoff believes that real your chance do not miss

Oliver Bierhoff believes that real your chance do not miss91 matches in Serie a And played in the "Milan" the former Germany striker Oliver Bierhoff, 36 times scored the Rossoneri. With many of the current players of the Milan club he's in 1999, the year he won the scudetto". In anticipation of the loss in Porto will help match between AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund European champion in 1996, said in an interview with e-edition "Sport1" that the club from the capital of Lombardy can compete for the gold medals of the national championship, but to make up for their being eight points adrift of Juventus, will not be easy. "For this reason I believe that Milan will concentrate on the Champions League," said Bierhoff, rated the chances of the team in today's match as a good. "Lack of motivation "Borussia" no, you can not say about the Milanese, already reserved the first place in group "C" and the upcoming superpotency with the leader of Serie a, says 35 - year-old striker Verona AC Chievo Verona, but the tragedy of the situation lies in the fact that the fate of the "Borussia" will be decided not only in Milan but also in Moscow. I don't think real Madrid will miss their chance. Читать полностью -->

Jacques Santini: We should not underestimate the opponent

Jacques Santini: We should not underestimate the opponentAs you know on Saturday the French team will play their next match in the qualifying tournament of the European championship of 2004. Ahead of the upcoming meeting with the national team of Malta head coach tricolor Jacques Santini gave an interview to the French newspaper "l'equipe", in which he shared his thoughts about this game and not only.- What You expect from the match France-Malta?- First of all, victory. The main thing is to get the three points to even more closer to his goal, participate in the final stage of EURO 2004. Of course, it would be good to score as many goals in order to amuse the audience. But, again, the most important thing for us is to win.- Will be different to the squad for this match from the players that take the field on Wednesday, in a meeting with the Israeli team?- While it is difficult to talk about it. You never know what can happen in between those two matches. Читать полностью -->

Pavement and Onopko became the antiheroes of the tour in Spain

Pavement and Onopko became the antiheroes of the tour in SpainBriefly flaunted real Madrid at the top of the tournament table of the championship of Spain. Just 24 hours. After that first returned "real Sociedad", which won the match against CA Osasuna 2-0. In the first half, a slight advantage was with "Osasuna", which is several times disturbed the goalkeeper of real Sociedad sander Westerfeld. The first forced the Dutchman to be nervous Ivan Rosado, put the ball in the bottom corner with the line free. Then a good moment, "Osasuna" arose after the corner. Читать полностью -->

Ignatiev ? in the Locomotive

Ignatiev ? in the LocomotiveBoris Ignatiev has agreed to work in the "Locomotive" assistant to Yuri Semin. "Better to be a second coach on the best team in the country participating in the Champions League, and to work with Professionals than to be a head coach in the clubs-the outsiders ? said Ignatiev.? Besides, with the President of "Locomotive" Valery Filatov and Yury Semin I've been in a wonderful relationship, and with the coach we are family friends. This does not mean that I will replace Vladimir Eshtrekov. Just now Yuri Pavlovich will be two assistants"". . . Читать полностью -->

Molina on the field again

Molina on the field againGoalkeeper Deportivo Jose Molina has successfully completed treatment for cancer and returned to the UEFA Champions League.Coach Deportivo Javier Irureta made the name of a 33-year-old goalkeeper in the composition of the 23 players who are preparing to exit the Champions League match against Juventus. On 6 October last year, Molina played his last match in the club of La coruГ±a in the game of the championship of Spain against "racing".8 days after this game, the goalkeeper announced his cancer of the prostate and temporarily stopped the training. After intensive chemotherapy, Molina received permission from the doctors to continue football career. In January the first issue of "depora" started training in the General group. However, it is unknown whether there will be Molina in the final squad for the match against Juve.Irureta was not present at today's training, but his assistant, Francisco Delgado Melo reported that Turin will go to all 23 players, from a previously published list. It would "raise the morale of the team on the eve of an important game".. Читать полностью -->

Del Piero is close to final restoration

Del Piero is close to final restorationAlessandro Del Piero almost recovered after a serious injury that took him out of action for almost a month. Leader Juventus played 70 minutes in a training match of youth teams of the club and even scored the goal. The player himself said that the match against Juventus Modena will be the last in which he will not be able to participate. The return of Del Piero may already be in the away match of the Champions of Italy against Basel in the Champions League.. . . Читать полностью -->