Torpedo-Metallurg. Raised chicken and new barn

So we have to leave."Torpedo-the Metallurgist" in 2002 godu warning issued to players on the team.6 yellow cards received Munever rizvic and Dmitri Smirnov.4567 ? the average attendance of home matches of the club.7 goals in the account top scorer of the club Dmitry A. Smirnov in his debut season.11 "dry" matches held goalie Andrew Novosadov.The 1.3 goals on average missed the defense of plant employees in one match.15 players made their debut for the team a year ago.0,67 ? the team's average performance per game.2 times out to break the 11-meter best penalty man Oleg Karnaukhov, and in both cases its expected success ? implementation of 100%. Two goals were scored by Dmitry A. Smirnov and Alexey Sherstnev, going to change.8733 ? the average attendance of matches of the club.6650 ? the average attendance of all matches of the club.1st goal the team scored Dmitry Kuznetsov.Andrey Bodrov.

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